The Apple Watch is a groundbreaking device that has everyone racing to their nearest Apple store. This smartwatch operates as a small wearable computing device. The Apple Watch is designed to pair and connect with other Apple IOS devices and push Apple Watch-specific content to that device. 

It has an impressively sleek, lightweight design and advanced Retina display protected by a Sapphire screen. It utilizes both a touch screen and the Digital Crown wheel when operating the interface. 

You can make phone calls, send & receive text messages, and check voicemail. You can also access weather & stock updates, offer location directions, and provide fitness monitoring capabilities! 

This all-in-one device has quickly become one of the most sought after electronic devices in the market since its debut in early 2015. Now with various series available for purchase, users have common questions about the Apple Watch and are always looking for ways to maintain the upkeep of their devices. 

More importantly, users most commonly connect and pair their Apple Watch devices with their iPhones to import data. However, many questions that circulate on how to harmonize these two devices go unanswered. 

Luckily for Apple Watch users everywhere, there’s an easy “how-to” guide for how to operate, troubleshoot, and learn about all of the features that the Apple Watch has to offer.

Let’s take a closer look at some common questions about the Apple Watch series that can help you to get the most out of your device. 


Can I use an Apple Watch without an iPhone? 

Of course, you can use an Apple Watch without an iPhone! Yes, you’ll always have better performance when you use an Apple Watch with an iPhone. The Apple Watch makes its data connections and GPS signals with the iPhone, and without an iPhone, your access is limited.

There are still tons of things that you can do with the Apple Watch without needing an iPhone. You can perform activities like Time Alarms, Health & Fitness, Apple TV & iTunes, Apple Pay & Passbook, Photos & Music, and the list goes on and on. 

Can you set up Apple Watch without pairing with an iPhone?

The Apple Watch and iPhone are two different sets of hardware, and one can exist without the other. However, to set up your Apple Watch and access all of its features, you must pair it with your iPhone device.

Pairing allows you to store all of the data that you need so that you can use your Apple Watch to its fullest potential. 

To pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch device, follow these instructions: 

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone. You can also bring your Apple Watch near your iPhone to bring up similar interfaces with the AirPods pairing screen feature. 
  2. Tap on “Start Pairing”
  3. Tap on “Pair Apple Watch Manually”
  4. On your Apple Watch, tap “i” to view the device’s name
  5. On your iPhone, select your “Apple Watch” from the list

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apple Watch?

There are so many excellent Apple Watch features that have lived up to the hype. It has tons of cool features that are compatible with all Apple IOS devices so that you can store and manage data on-the-go. You can perform daily tasks like monitoring your health & fitness regime, making phone calls & texting, and setting alarms right on your Apple Watch device. It’s the super tool of electronics, and Apple sold millions of units throughout the entire world. 

However, there are also some mixed reviews and responses about the Apple Watch that reveals the darker side of things hidden beneath its mass appeal. It’s rather slow in importing data from your iPhone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Sometimes, it even gets stuck loading notifications for long periods, and they often don’t appear to be moving any further. 

They don’t have a whole lot of storage space either. 

So if you’re a big photo-taker, then 75 MB of photo storage just doesn’t cut it. It has a total of 8GB of internal storage, and out of which, only two GB of music can be stored. So if you want the Apple Watch, then you should make sure to import only your need-to-have photos and music in your library. 

The battery life is not up to par with what we come to expect from our electronic devices. It hardly lasts a full day after extensive use, so you always have to recharge it to ensure that the battery never dies out. 

The main issue that most people have with the Apple Watch is the fact that it’s too dependant on the iPhone. 

The Apple Watch doesn’t have GPS technology. It’s heavily reliant on the iPhone to assist in its ability to send & receive text messages, make phone calls, and use the location services. This handicap makes the Apple Watch less convenient to use and therefore, makes people less inclined to purchase them.

How far can an Apple Watch be from an iPhone to work correctly?

When you pair your Apple watch with your iPhone over Bluetooth, your connection is limited to approximately 100 feet. If paired via WiFi, you can stay connected even when your Bluetooth is out of range. 

Does the Apple Watch only work with iPhones?

Apple Watch gets all of its data connections and GPS signals from your iPhone. It will only work best when it’s connected to your iPhone since their designed to work together for optimum performance. The Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhone devices.