THE HOME SCREEN has always been a major part of the iPhone identity. But recently at the latest WWDC, Apple made an announcement about abandoning the home screen in future iPhones.

With iOS 9, a major part of using the iPhone will occur on smart notification panels, innnovative search tools, and content ideas that will make relevant apps appear right away. The home screen will be naught but a secondary feature on future iPhones. Smartphones are just too advanced these days to be pinned to an “ancient panel” like the home screen.


In the early days, the iPhone’s appeal was centered squarely on the home screen. For a gadget that was an all-in-one utility, a phone, an organizer, an iPod, a camera, a gps map, and an internet device — the grids and icons allowed organization in an easy way.  The home screen was so vital to the iPhone it got it’s own button near the bottom of the smartphone. You could always find your way home by simply pressing the button. The evolution of notification alerts has allowed iPhone users to bypass the home screen, and go straight to the app that dinged, beeped, or vibrated it’s presence. This has added to the one glaring fact… The Home Screen is losing it’s usefulness because;

Mobile Life On The iPhone is Too Fast For The Home Screen

Following Google Now’s features, iOS 9 will attempt to anticipate exactly what you need when you need it. These new features join the lock screen’s current offerings for circumventing the home screen grid: the swipe-up control center and swipe-down “today” window. iOS 9 will offer a new interactive hub in the form of a customized search panel. You’ll see shortcuts for contacts and apps, both filtered by context. It will be the Home Screen 2.0… New and improved. Apple’s new iOS will detect who you may want to talk to or what you might want to do, based on where you are, what time it is, and what you’re doing. Apple Watch already works like this. On the wrist, notifications and messaging shortcuts take place over the bubbly home screen of apps. For now, the home screen is still a big part of the iPhone. Isn’t it crazy though, how fast we have come in the world of mobile?We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today