Apple vs. Samsung - The Final Verdict

Apple and Samsung are two of the major players in the mobile communications industry. They are always competing with one another to create a better device to increase sales across the globe. For instance, the most recent argument on which device is the best involves the comparison between the Apple iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apple and Samsung released these devices within months of each other. The iPhone XS was released on September 21, 2018, and the S10 was released earlier this year on March 8, 2019. These two devices are not the only ones to go into a head to head combat in the Apple vs. Samsung war of smartphones. The strategically timed and calculated release of specific Apple and Samsung devices have catalyzed the rivalry to become what it is today.

With all of the highly innovative and groundbreaking advancements made from a purely technological standpoint, these devices act as the nucleus.

Smartphones are indeed at the center of our lives, in which they act as the ultimate source for communication, data organization, information gathering, entertainment, creativity, and the list goes on and on. And now, with constant updates, upgrades, and new-and-improved versions every year, the demand and dependence on these devices grow higher and higher. You know what they say.

"If you can't beat them, join them."

Well, it looks like Apple and Samsung are on the winning team and will be for quite a while. And since we live in a digital world where everything is controlled via the Internet, then we better be well-equipped. So this begs some questions.

Which is better? Apple or Samsung? Hopefully, some background on their history will provide some much-needed insight.  

Samsung vs Apple - The Rivalry

There has been some universal speculation, floating opinions, and popular theories on which smartphone device is the better option - the Apple or Samsung. These two companies are the top leaders in multinational electronic design and manufacturing in which no other company can light a candle to their level of success, fame, and fortune. So with the heavy-hitting competition between companies this notorious, it's no wonder why people would express their opinions based on personal experience and influenced biases. Many people have already made it up in their minds that they are either an Apple person or a Samsung person. Rarely do we see someone who has no preference. And to add more fuel to the fire of their rivalry, Apple and Samsung don't just compete with each other openly. They also have a history of suing each other as well. Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics have been at war with one another in which both companies have made more than half of the smartphones sold worldwide as of July 2012.

There was even a highly prolific series of lawsuits between the two companies regarding the design of smartphones and tablets. The trials became multinational litigation over technology patents, better known as the mobile device "smartphone patent wars." Their legal battle began when Android devices started hitting the market. Apple's chief executive, Steve Jobs, pronounced Samsung devices as "stolen products" and a "rip-off of the iPhone." These allegations were just the starting point. The "thermonuclear war" resulted in a massive payout of $540 million awarded to Apple by Samsung. 

Apple vs Samsung - Who Won?

Now that the lawsuits are over and everything has been said and done, the two companies continue to go head to head over which device is better. Despite the massive payout awarded to Apple during their legal battle, both parties were found guilty of infringing on each other's patents.

Many would conclude that Apple was the clear winner here. However, this may not be the case. According to an analyst firm, Apple is expected to sell $130 million iPhone X devices over the next two years, while Samsung is estimated to generate $14 billion.

This is because Apple screens and other device components use Samsung technology, so Samsung automatically receives sales percentages of each iPhone sold. This means that Samsung is still making money off of Apple's iPhone sales; therefore, Samsung is making more money than the company's flagship. So for each iPhone X that Apple sells, Samsung receives $110, according to The Wall Street Journal.

On top of the $14 billion in additional revenue, Samsung is estimated to make approximately $10 billion in profits from the Galaxy S8 devices alone. So despite the loss endured from the legal payout of the 2011 "patent wars," Samsung is still rolling in the big bucks. 


So really, it all boils down to your preference. Many people arbitrarily decide on whether they want an Apple or a Samsung device based on personal bias. For instance, if someone grew up using Apple products like the Mac or an iPad, they're more inclined to choose the iPhone. They've grown accustomed to the interface, features, and technology of Apple devices.

It correlates with the same argument of deciding whether to get a Mac or PC. The Mac has been known to be a computer that is more inclined towards creative-types, while the PC is better for securing large amounts of data for those with lots of files to maintain.

When making a decision based on personal bias, you may want to leave societal influences out of the equation. We should always be leaders of our thoughts, ideas, and opinions rather than following others in theirs. So the final verdict of the Apple vs. Samsung debate for which device is better, there are many factors to consider. First, you want to consider the facts.

Compare and contrast the features of each, and if you can, test out both to see which one is better suited for you. Get a feel for the interface, as well as studying its navigation and functionality. Imagine that you're on two separate dates, trying to choose between two people to continue pursuing. Take the time to get to know both devices to make a valuable decision that will be worthwhile in the future.