Think about the top wireless carriers today and you are going to most likely name a few providers. There’s a lot of individual companies that are providing services in this arena, and more and more are merging.

There’s rarely a newcomer that comes along and challenges these companies, but recently news broke that there is one heavyweight in tech that has their mind’s set on changing the game. That company is none other than the juggernaut of Google. That’s right, the biggest search provider is contemplating stepping foot into the lexicon of wireless providers.

Not A New Kind of Story For Google

Before pundits scoff, consider that the company already has a firm grip on the technology that millions of people use right now. They design Android devices, they work with the operating systems, they are engraved in the applications and networks that are continually being utilized for communication right now. They even have broadband connectivity in many areas, and are set to launch even more. Why not transition into providing wireless data transmissions? This is nothing new for tech companies, however. Companies as big as Best Buy and even Wal-Mart have gotten into the wireless world and are offering customers plans backed by their branding, and they seem to be generating some buzz, but again, they are working within the framework of existing companies, not starting from ground zero.

The Cost of Integration 

The thing that many insiders are talking about, however, is the cost of such a network. Many tech reporters have gone out to ask the company about the billions of dollars that it would cost to build a network outside of established options, and the giant search company didn’t say a thing. Could they be piggy backing on the existing giants like Sprint or T-Mobile? Analysts have spread news and rumors that the company will be paying carriers to jump on existing wireless towers and networks. This is a risky move. Aside from the billions of dollars that Google would have to spend, one has to consider the competition that would arise. If they can do it, what’s stopping companies like Apple or even Facebook from connecting their massive audiences to wireless services and compete head to head with the search company? Whatever the case is, Google is brewing something unique for the millions that are already vested in the utilization of their phones, operating systems, and search engine protocol.  We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today