Each year the mobile technology industry becomes more expansive and innovative. In so many different segments, changes and improvements are happening. It can be overwhelming to try and keep track of them all! But don't worry, we've got a handle on it for you. This is a brief look into the mobile technology trends that you can expect to see and hear about throughout 2020.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

How do machine learning and artificial intelligence relate to mobile technology? In 2020, both tech trends are prevalent in smartphones, tablets, virtual assistants, surveillance systems, gaming, and so much more.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used across the board for better user experiences and more innovative business practices. Think Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant – to name a few.

A chatbot, for example, provides almost instantaneous information to users, while learning trigger words and phrases. This meets the user's needs as well as performs a business function without utilizing a human's time and effort.

In 2020, we expect to see many more companies utilize and develop machine learning and artificial intelligence. These tech trends have taken the industry by storm and are only in their infancies. Another year of changes and improvements can leave us with extraordinary pieces of mobile tech.

Blockchain App

Blockchain isn't just for bitcoin anymore! In fact, this unique way to provide online security is growing and developing in many different atmospheres above and beyond cryptocurrencies.

In an uncertain world that is full of important data, consumers are looking at security more than ever. This year, a focus and trend are sure to be improved data security. Today's consumers are interested in security when it comes to every facet of their digital lives. They want all their data, in all their apps, to be well protected.

In any app store, you can find blockchain working collaboratively with any app that requires enhance safety and security. Blockchain provides better protection of data, faster transactions, and a level of simplicity that is a breath of fresh air in today's technology environment. 

Slowly but surely, blockchain expects to be used for all sorts of apps well beyond those that have anything to do with money or personal information.

5G Connectivity

You've likely started to see the commercials for 5G connectivity. This is a huge focus of communications companies and consumers in 2020. While most of the developed world works on 3G or 4G connections, 5G is the inevitable future. 

The internet is no longer a luxury but rather a requirement. Users of all types of technology want faster, better internet connections in more places. 5G connectivity can meet this demand. Whether users just want quick access to social media or gaming experience without buffering, 5G is the answer. 

However, in addition to these simple applications, 5G can benefit home security systems, cloud-based operating systems, and content streaming. In 2020, consumers and companies alike hope that 5G connectivity becomes the standard for the internet.

Mobile Payment Apps

The online and mobile shopping industry is only just getting started. Today's consumers are getting comfortable never going to a brick and mortar store. Mobile payments, in all forms, make this possible.

First came PayPal, then Google Wallet and Apple Pay, but many more are coming. In fact, many more mobile payment apps are expected to be released in 2020. Companies around the world are working hard to introduce new mobile payment apps. 

Some retailers are creating their own mobile payment apps in hopes of meeting customer demand and building customer loyalty. Independent companies are working on faster, better, more innovative versions of Venmo and Cash App.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

It seems like every year, we talk about augmented and virtual reality. However, in 2020 there is significant and growing interest in the forms of apps and devices. While augmented and virtual reality has been slowly developed and improved, 2020 looks promising.

Augmented and virtual reality was first brought to market for entertainment, think Pokémon Go. While these realities will continue to be used for gaming and experiences, industry experts have found that they can be utilized for so much more.

In 2020, an important trend will be augmented and virtual reality for functional purposes. Apps that feature both types of reality can be developed and utilized for processes like navigation and education. Private industries like manufacturing and software, for example, stand to benefit from this 2020 technology trend.

There's no doubt that 2020 will be an interesting year for mobile technology. We have already begun to see the beginning of many trends. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can benefit both companies and customers. Blockchain will likely expand well beyond cryptocurrency to help apps of all types become more secure. 

The demand for 5G connectivity could be met this year, providing faster, better internet throughout the entire country. New and improved mobile payment apps can make online shopping even better in 2020. And of course, you can't ignore the opportunities for augmented and virtual reality this year. 

All these trends provide a backdrop for a potentially very impactful year in mobile technology. Grab your smartphone and get ready for better experiences across so many different applications and industries.