Spring is always a great time for app developers to push out their latest creations for Android smartphones.

A lot of times one will find that when an app launches on Android, it has already launched on Apple’s iPhone first, so all the bugs have been worked out. This means most of the bugs have been normally worked out, and your version will work flawlessly. Here are our leading choices for exactly what you ought to be putting on your phone this season: We Provide 90 Day Warranty on All Our Android Repairs. Get A Free Quote Today. 

Apple MusicThe Apple Music Android app finally enables you to access Apple Music and your iTunes account on your Android Phone. Apple Music service is on par with the already well-developed streaming music services like Spotify and Google Play Music. Unlike Spotify and Google Play, Apple provides a generous 90 days totally free trial, permitting you to listen to everything the service needs to offer totally free. The collection on Apple music is absolutely humongous. Apple’s benefit is 95% of artists release their music through iTunes, and past music is also licensed for use on their as well. The moment an album is placed on iTunes, Apple can immediately provide it to you by means of Apple Music. Giving you everything you desire in a music service, Apple Music also permits you to access the unique Apple Radio, where professional DJs are spinning music 24/7.  It is Apple’s version of the automobile radio, and the DJs are live and not bots. Apple Music – Beats Music also plays music according to your tastes via playlists. This is great because you don’t need to constantly be making your own playlists or changing the music. It seems Apple is working hard to convert Android users into their platform. So far… It’s working

Live Text

Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, Snapchat, etc. With all the various messaging apps available, it is hard to enter the market and dominate. Yahoo’s LiveText is making a big splash with all its features. LiveText combines features in Skype and Vine. Whenever you are messaging someone or opening up your message window, your phone front camera switches on offering them a video feed of yourself. As soon as your friend joins, you can then see them. You can then type messages to each other, with your voice not being needing to be an option. With LiveText, your messaging partner will be seeing all of your reactions in real time, and you will see theirs as well. We’ve all sent out a text where we’ve questioned what the other individual was actually thinking. Now we can see exactly what they are thinking. Privacy concerns? No Worries. Like Snapchat, LiveText will erase all of your video conversations as quickly as you close the chat. LiveText is doing things differently in regards to the smartphone messaging experience. Time will tell if Yahoo can reclaim the messenger throne like they used to have.


Snowball intends to solve a common issue every phone user has. Too many notifications are always going off. It does this by permitting you to set apps you wish to turn off, right from your alert bar. There is no set up included with this program, as it connects with the Android notification service, immediately being able to communicate with all of your alerts. When a notification appears, you can merely swipe to the left and  mark it as “Not Important,” and “Boom!!!” No more bothering you. Perfect for those apps that are far too annoying with their incessant bell, whistles, blinks, and beeps. Snowball, however, isn’t just about hiding the apps you don’t want to see. Using Snowball, you get to be smarter on how your smartphone notifies you about things. Almost all alerts have alternatives for how you want to manage them. In part 2 of this series, we will get into 3 more apps for the Android smartphone. Stay tuned.    We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iPhone repair visit our store today