The days of the smart home have officially arrived! Each year more advanced technology comes to the market, offering homes all types of enhanced services. Hardwire internet cables and dinging doorbells are quickly being replaced with smarter alternatives that make every home a better place.


Choose Smarter Home Devices for Your House

Today, you can find smart home devices for any aspect of your house. Whether you’re looking for increased security or more consistent temperatures, home tech is here to help. Advanced technology allows us as homeowners to get more return on our home improvement investments than ever before.


Have you considered a smart thermostat for your home? This type of thermostat can help you control the temperature when you are home and away. From the device itself or your smartphone, you can make changes to the temperature. This device can help you save money by eliminating wasted electric or gas on the air conditioning or heat when it’s truly not needed.


Save even more electricity and money by having smart lights installed throughout your home. Smart lighting is a great way to embrace smart home services that improve your life, your wallet, and your property. Smart lighting uses Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone, lights, and voice recognition device (like Alexa).


Each light in your home can then be turned on, turned off, dimmed or put on a schedule using a smart device. You can create different moods or use a programmed system to make it look like there is activity in your home while you are away. Make sure lights are off when you aren’t in a room to help save you money in electricity. The possibilities are endless!


When you choose to have smart devices in your home, you are choosing a more enhanced way of life that improves the home and benefits the wallet.


Trust Professional Smart Home Device Installers

It can be intimidating to think about installing a smart device let alone a few smart devices. DrPhoneFix offers professional smart home installation services. A team of technicians can provide installation services that include setting up your smart devices, connecting them to smartphones and voice recognition devices as well as teaching you how to use everything to its full potential.


In addition to installing thermostats and lights, professional installation can be scheduled for smart home products like TV mounting, smart doorbells, audio and video feeds, Wi-Fi and networking, and voice recognition devices like Google, Alexa, and Nest.


Smart cameras specifically can benefit from being professionally installed. Smart home systems often include exterior and interior cameras. These camera systems should be installed so the most important areas are covered like doors, windows, and vulnerable areas.


Technicians from DrPhoneFix can assess the home and offer suggestions about camera placement. From there, indoor and outdoor cameras can be installed and connected to the Wi-Fi or internet network for recording and playback functionalities. Full tutorials are provided to homeowners so they can easily view footage, download clips, and improve the security of their entire property.


Save Time and Stress with Device Installation

Any smart device you purchase will need to be installed, but that doesn’t mean you specifically have to install it. Save yourself a lot of time, energy, stress, and frustration by having a professional installation completed at your home.


Let’s use a smart doorbell as an example. Choosing and buying the smart doorbell is the only thing you have to do. From there, a team of experienced professionals can install the doorbell and teach you how to effectively use it. In just a few minutes you can upgrade the security of your entire home with just a little help from DrPhoneFix.


If you are interested in complete home automation, professional installation is your only true option. It is necessary for professionals to install and connect all of your devices so everything works the way it should. These professionals make sure that each device works correctly alone as well as cooperatively with all other necessary devices. They can assess the internet as well to ensure it can handle an automated smart home.


The benefit of a smarter home is its integration. All devices should work together to improve your life and should do so without you even having to think about it. The internet should quickly connect all devices for results including:

  • A safer outdoor space

  • Cameras to ensure a secure interior home

  • The right temperatures throughout the house

  • Lights sets to turn on and shut off at specific times

  • A doorbell that vets anyone at the front door


Upon completion of an installation from a team like DrPhoneFix, you can truly use home tech to its full potential. Could smart devices help you improve your home? Take advantage of DrPhoneFix to help you take your home to the next technological level.