Spotify says Apple is keeping the newest version of its’ iPhone music app out of the iTunes store on purpose to limit competition.

Spotify recently sent a legal letter to Apple stating that the company is “causing severe harm to Spotify and its consumers” by continuing to ban an update to Spotify’s iOS app. The letter says Apple not only rejected the app on claims of “design rule violations,” but that Spotify needs to begin using Apple’s billing system in order” to get brand-new consumers and subscriptions.” For the past year, Spotify has complained to the United States and Europe, that Apple’s subscription policies punish third-party music services that utilize Apple’s platform, while favoring Apple Music, released in June 2015. Apple does not enable apps to utilize an alternate payment system within the app, as Google does.

Apple charges a month-to-month cost of as much as 30 percent for those who do utilize its billing system– and it doesn’t like app developers to promote alternate subscription alternatives outside the apps. Those policies caused an uproar when Apple presented them in 2011, but since then most developers have bit the bullet and paid Apple its’ money. Last fall, Spotify began a new campaign offering new customers the chance to get three months of the streaming music service for $0.99– if they registered via Spotify’s own site. This month, Spotify started the campaign again and is now stating that Apple threatened to remove the app from iTunes unless Spotify stopped telling iPhone users about the promo. Spotify stopped the promo. However, it also shut off its App Store billing as well. Spotify still has a commanding lead in the subscription music race with 30 million subscribers vs Apple’s 15 million.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today