The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes loaded with features to make it’s user life a bit more productive. At times though, some features can get lost in the shuffle. Below is a brief breakdown on 10 hidden features for your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone you may not know about.

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Hidden Features On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Link Preview – If someone sends you a link (URL) via SMS, you can get a quick look at it without opening up your browser. This feature is triggered by Settings > S Pen > Air View Direct Pen Input for S Planner – This allows you to turn on the Handwriting recognition input for the S Planner application. You get there by going to Settings > S Pen > Direct Pen Input Voice Recorder, Meeting Mode – This is a nifty yet sophisticated audio recognition feature. It can recognize sounds from 8 different locations. Talk about a kick butt solution to recording meetings. Automatic Exposure/Focus Adjustment – Adjust the focus and exposure on the rear camera of the Galaxy Note 4 by tapping on your desired focal point in the view finder. Are You A Selfie Freak? Take an anti-shake selfie by using the HRM Sensor – Blurry selfies are a big no-no. Simply touch the heart rate monitor to steady the picture before snapping it. Caller Info Present Function – Go over all recent communication with a contact from right within the dialer.

ah samsung galaxy note 4 vs samsung galaxy note 3 1600x1078 Access this feature by going to Settings > Calls > Show Caller Information Sound Detector – Jamming away on your music while wearing headphones? This neat feature from the Note 4 will alert you if your doorbell rings, or if your significant other is yelling at you. The only drawback? You have to record the sound first and save it. For some people that should not be an issue in the case of the “Yelling Loved One.” Add Settings You Use Frequently To Quick Settings – If I have to break down this setting to you, you should not have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Access this feature to add up to “9 Quick Settings” by touching on the “+” icon inside Settings > Quick Settings Wi-Fi Sharing –  Conveniently share your Wi-Fi signal to various gadget devices that are close by. Just swipe from the top and and select Quick Connect. One-handed Operation – For those of you with smaller hands have no fear. You can make your use of the Note 4 a lot easier by simply going to Settings > Present and also Wallpaper > One-handed Procedure > Reduce Screen Dimension.

samsung galaxy note 4 mg 6885Final Word on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features

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