So Many Apps, So Much Time to go through them all. Apple’s iTunes store is a cornucopia of wonderful applications. So much so that this is Part 2 of a 4 part series on 20 iPhone Apps You Should Be Using.

You may want to first read Part 1 to familiarize yourself before continuing. 🙂

Today we are are going touch base on 5 more apps that one should have in their iPhone to make your life just a tad bit easier.  

6. Let’s take a look at going paperless with “FileThis.”

file this app - iphone - drphonefix -plantation, flA mobile electronic service that makes it organizing your paperwork easier, “FileThis” allows you to import your expenses by taking pictures of your statements, receipts, and bills. No bill is safe from this handy tool. Digitizing your information, and storing it for easy access via the “search” function with use of keywords; is definitely a time saver. Add to that it is free? What can you lose by trying it out?      

7. Coast is a browser by “Opera” specifically designed for iDevices

coast by opera - drphonefix-plantation-flLaunching on the iPad a while back this is the browser for those who like clean, no frills, get to the point, web browsing. “Coast” takes advatange of all the real estate your iPhone’s screen has to offer, and the navigation with one hand is quite sleek and user friendly. With customization abilities such as adding your own images to the backround, you can really make this browser your own. The security features are quite impressive for a smartphone browser, as it tells you the safety of each page before you visit it. While I prefer using the Chrome browser, this offering by Opera is no slouch in it’s own right. Try it out.    

8. Is it time for Night – Night? The “Sleep Time” App Can Be Your Friend

sleep timeThis app truly does what it is meant to do. Auditing all movement while you’re knocked out and analyzing your sleep patterns, it accomplishes this by using your phone’s accelerometer. The formulaic algorithms embedded in this app detect and note your patterns of sleep for one main reason. The infamous Alarm Clock. Adjusting your alarm clock in such a way so you won’t be woke up unless you want to, this app also serves up reports so you can keep track of your rest. The built in music soothes you so you can fall asleep easier too.      

9. Need Some Help With A Little Digital Assistant? “Talk To” is Here to Save The Day

talk toBook Appointments, Check Pricing, Make That Reservation For That Massage, “Talk To” can do it all. One of my favorite apps out of the bunch, I love how efficient this can actually be for someone who is constantly on the go during the day or night. A free app that is a time saver, I can see my virtual assistant getting less work hours a week if they ever release this app for the android. If only this app could cook… I would have it made.    

10. “Addappt” Keeps Updating Your Contacts With Your New 411 Headache-Free

addaptIt can be rather a trouble to update all your close friends on your contact information whenever you change addresses, works or contact number. Addappt makes it very easy for you and your close friends to have each various other’s most recent details. Simply transform the relevant info in your profile, and Addappt sends out that to all your connected friends so all they’ll have to do is sync rather of having to replicate and paste tiresome numbers. You could also create teams and send unrestricted photos with emails via Addappt, so you can break devoid of Apple’s 5-photo attachment limitation.     So there you have it folks. 10 more apps for your iPhone that I highly implore you to try out. A Bonus App I would also recommend you try out is “EndlessJabber SMS.” Our Guest Writer, “Al Spaulding did an in depth review of it here on this blog. It allows you to text from your computer using your smartphone’s phone service. Check it out. 11 – 15 will be here tomorrow for you. In the meantime? I’m off to perform some more iphone surgery. #PhoneDocFL is always at your service.  We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today