We love apple, we really do, and yeah its pretty exciting to finally receive your brand new iPhone and take it out of the box, its more than just a device, its an upgrade to your life right? I mean let’s face it portrait mode is going make all those baby pics, selfies and important life moments look like they were shot by the Kardashian social media photographer. Lets not forget about the wireless charging, (a moment we’ve all been waiting for) apple has finally eliminated the daunting task of having to grab a USB cable and physically connect it to your phone to refuel.

upgrade 1672367 1280Honestly though, I think reality has set in for a lot of us. That brand new beautiful iPhone you just paid $1000 dollars for just isn’t a whole lot different from the last. I mean yea, if you want to get technical and talk about the processor, force touch, and things like the flawless face recognition then yes, the differences are there. But do these little upgrades and improvements actually make it worth dishing out the big bucks? Well, we’ll leave that for you to decide, but here’s why we think you should hold on to your iPhone for at least 3 years. apple 651354 1280

  1. We’ve all fallen into the trap of convincing our selves that we just NEED to upgrade to the latest iPhone. The moment the newest model is released, you start picturing your life with that new model. Coincidentally, you suddenly feel like your phone is just so slow and the battery dies too fast. Battery life might be a tad bit better on a new iPhone, but your iPhone’s battery life can be greatly improved by replacing the battery once a year. After all, Apple did finally confirm to the public that replacing your battery will actually improve the overall functionality of your phone since their software is made to slow your operating system down when the life of your battery wears out.

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  1. I don’t know about you but many of us just simply cannot get over the fact that the audio jack is gone. I’m reminded of every time I’m sitting at the airport bar waiting for my flight. We all know a charged phone is crucial during travel, well more often than not i’ve come across the dilemma of forgetting my dongle. So i’m listening to some music on my headphones but wanting to make sure my phone stays sufficiently charged and I find my self at a crossroad, having to make the choice between some relaxing tunes or a charged phone. Honestly apple, we get it you’re always ahead of the game and soon we will all realize why you took the audio jack from us. But society just hasn’t caught up. Remembering our dongles just isn’t at the top of the list when preparing for travel. music 1874621 1280
  1. Your wireless company is trapping you and you don’t even know it. All the phone carriers are now advertising that they won’t lock you in to a 2-year contract making you feel just so free. They put you on this great “next” plan that lets you upgrade your phone every 12-18 months as long as you pay the monthly installments. When a new iPhone is released you get to upgrade!! Well here’s some news for ya, the only deal you’re getting here is that you won’t have to pay the full retail price all at once, that’s it. When that new phone comes out they are expecting you to trade in that old one you’ve been paying for every month, and if your lucky and didn’t crack the screen on it or lose it then you’ll get a $200 to $300-dollar credit (which is far less than what your phone is worth) towards your “upgrade”, oh and those monthly installments? They’ll still be there. So unless you finally pay your phone off and keep it for a while that iPhone is actually not even yours!contract 1464917 1280
  2. One thing you may not know unless you’re an electronic repair technician is that each one of these iPhones actually come with a series of common defects/issues depending on the model. You might tell yourself well, I have the one-year warranty with apple so I’m not worried. Well for starters I like to think that an iPhone should last you more than just one year, and the truth is a lot of these common issues start surfacing right after that one-year warranty period is over. Don’t believe me? ask any technician at your local repair shop. So, what defects am I talking about? I’ll let you in on some of the more common trends that the tech community has come across over the years. We can go back in time and start out with the iPhone 4s greyed out Wi-Fi issue. One day all of a sudden you went to connect to your Wi-Fi and the option wasn’t even there, its like the button for it actually broke? No warranty? So, unless you could live with out WI-Fi it meant time for a new phone. Next, the iPhone 5’s infamous nonfunctional power button. If you were under warranty, apple gave you a whole new phone, otherwise you had to go to your local repair shop and spend $60-$80 dollars on the repair. Oh and how about one of the most recent, the iPhone 6+ touch disease. Out of the blue one day your screen has these flashing white boxes at the top, every now and then the screen just locks up and freezes on you, apple tells you you’re not under warranty and you need a new phone, or even better, they tell you that even though you’re under warranty they can’t do anything for you because your phone has signs of water damage. (yet the issue is completely unrelated and 97% of the time in no way related to water damage) Anyways, you then hit up a repair shop and they tell you they tried a new screen and it didn’t fix the issue, you try another repair shop and the technician who’s got some knowledge in micro-soldering tells you its a board issue and it can be fixed for anywhere between $99-$180. Seems like kind of a crappy situation to be in with a phone that maybe 14 months old. So for those of you who are interested in why this happens, its basically caused by a chip on the mother board that loses contact on a tiny little solder joint or two. You might ask yourself how does that happen? Well, ironically this chip is located on the motherboard towards the top of your phone at volume/powerbutton level, also known as the weakest parts of your metal frame. So, because the 6 and 6+ model were made with soft weak frames they became extremely easy to bend. (apple fixed this in the 6s series and up by using a much stronger metal frame btw) So what does this mean guys? Apple made a phone that bends easily, because it bends easily the board became easily susceptible to damage. And thats why you don’t get the newest, latest device right away because no one could have known these issues would have been tied to the 6 series. Those of us who waited for the 6s (which in my opinion is one of apples best made phones to date, (until proven otherwise) completely avoided any issues of the sort since apple took steps to improve on their faults. Thing is they’ll never tell you that.

iphone 410311 1280So what’s my point? There’s a little risk involved in being the first to purchase that brand new iPhone. If you have a broken screen, or your phone isn’t working how you would like it to, take it to your local repair shop and tune it up. Don’t be Apple’s guniea pig choose and get stuck with the latest but not so greatest. Hold on to your perfectly working iPhone, and upgrade when its really necessary.

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