Today’s smartphone is a tool that helps us in our mobile lifestyle. Our mobile device is extremely important in helping us not only communicate with the world but to help us manage our lives in it as well. Unfortunately, hackers know that also so we have to protect our devices.

The Ability to Hack Smartphones

Like the wallet in your pocket or the purse on your shoulder, your mobile device carries personal financial information, along with important passwords as well. With today’s smartphones have the processing power of a PC, this also allows the possibility of your device being hacked like one as well. While you may not have the ability to completely protect yourself when you download legitimate apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Spotify; you can do your part to protect yourself from hackers getting into your phone.

Here Are Six Ways to Protect Your Smartphone And Data

Start Using A Passcode: A PIN or password can prevent others from unlocking your device. Some of the newer smartphones come with a fingerprint scanner that can unlock & lock your device. Use it.

password 2781614 1280The Power of Encryption: By scrambling the data on your mobile phone with encryption, it can’t be read by nefarious, nosy people. Apple now encrypts by default when yu turn your passcode on. With most Android devices, you have to activate encryption. You can even encrypt your memory card on Androids.

cyber security 3194286 1280Monitor Your Apps: that ask for too much permission into your phone. Some apps want access to yur camera, contacts, and even texts. If the app wants all that info, it becomes a judgement call on whether to give it to them or not.

password 704252 1280Only Download From The Official App Store:  Don’t download apps or software unless it is from either the Google Play store or iTunes.

Use Lost & Found Features: Google has the “Android Device Manager” while Apple has “Find My iPhone.” Both can locate your phone via the gps feature and can delete data as well remotely.

register 2819608 1280Install an Anti-virus and/or Spyware Detector App: While iPhone do not allow installation of Anti-Virus software, Androids do. The free ones are pretty good and when you couple that with a spyware detector app, you are good to go.

If you have any suggestions on how to protect your phone from hackers please feel free to share it below.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today