When you invest in an iPhone, you’re spending a good deal of money on the latest and greatest in smartphone technology.

It’s a worthwhile option to jump into tech, but you don’t want to leave it without updating some security systems and taking note of some tips that will help you get moving forward with protecting your information. All of your information can be easily taken if you don’t adhere to some tips and tricks to lock down your iPhone. It’s with that in mind that the following tips will help you sustain a vice grip on your data so that you no one takes your data, or locks your phone without consent.

Start With A Password

First and foremost, do not make this easy for yourself. Lock your phone and require a password to open things up. Don’t use a numeric code, instead, focus on making a password that is absolutely strong, and don’t make it simple. Memorize your password and use a combination of things to ensure that it’s locked. If you want to really protect yourself, set the deletion option to erase everything if there are too many failed attempts to login.

downloadTwo Step Verification

This may seem like a bit much, but it’s an absolute that you’re going to want to pursue for protecting your information and data. Set up what is known as two step verification. You want to register through Apple ID alongside iCloud and make sure that you have more than just 1 password verification idea. This helps with protecting all your data, including photographs, and more. This may be an additional hurdle but it will pay off if your lock screen is compromised.

two factor authentication generate code silver iphone screenshot 001portable network graphics image 16c26de9c21d 1Do Not Connect To Wi-Fi

It’s tempting to jump online wherever you are, that’s part of the glory of smartphones anyway, right? Here’s the thing, you can’t always trust wireless networks, and if you’re going to connect, do not do so automatically. Disable this, and force your phone to ask whether or not you want to connect. Do not let it automatically connect to anything, or you will end up in a compromised situation.

turn off wifi networking location services1Autofill Should Not be Used

It’s tempting to have all your information automatically get filled out when confronted by a form, but this is one of the easiest ways to get hacked. Do not let credit card information, passwords, or anything that you fill out online get automatically filled. If you must have this set, use an application like “Password Box” to protect and encrypt the data for you, otherwise, do not have this turned on.

aid8515688 v4 728px remove autofill info on an iphone step 3Use Find My iPhone (App)

One of the best apps to have is the “Find My iPhone” app. It will tell you where your phone is if you lose it, and will give you access to disable things if you have been robbed. This app has been featured in the news, during tech segments, and online through a variety of different blogs and social networks. It’s a lifesaver that you should definitely consider.

enable find my iphone ios 11A Note on Jailbreaking Phones

It’s tempting to jailbreak your phone. Millions of people have done it, but don’t do it. This may irk some, but it’s not only going to save you from losing your warranty, it’s going to help you lock down your information. The latest iterations of iOS are specially created to protect your data, and increase the lifespan of your phone. Don’t run another operating system, it’s going to cause issues.


maxresdefaultDo Not Let Your Apps Do Anything With Your Information

Here’s the last major tip, and it’s a tough one to remember sometimes. When you download an app, read the security settings up front. Choose to not allow applications to post on your behalf in social media, read your data, or do anything with the information. Be very careful as to what permissions you allow, because that’s going to cause a serious issue in terms of privacy. The above 7 elements are going to protect your iPhone from nefarious hackers. You may not necessarily be a target outright, but with so many data breaches going on right now, you might as well take precautions. We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iphone repair visit our store today