Apple releases A Bigger and Badder iCloud with updated features like increased storage and new pricing on  subscription plans.

With the release of iOS9 this week, Apple’s timing seems to be perfect with the New iCloud. Although you can still get 5 GB on iCloud for free, you can’t beat $0.99 a month for 50 GB of storage. This is optional though and not required. Apple’s 200GB plan is now $2.99 a month, and the 500GB plan has been replaced with a 1TB plan that will cost $9.99 monthly.

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Learn how to setup iCloud here on all your Apple devices.

New TOS From Apple Breakdown:

  • Your account was upgraded automatically if you got your paid account before September 16th
  • If you’re currently on an annual plan, you’ll stay year to year on that plan
  • If you had a 500 GB plan you are automatically upgraded to 1 TB at no charge

dropbox hack cover 1031x580Dropbox? Are you taking note here? #DropYourPricing Follow these steps on your iOS Device to change your iCloud storage plan.

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Tap “iCloud”
  3. Tap “Storage”
  4. Tap “Change Storage Plan”
  5. Select the plan you wish to move to and tap “Buy”

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