Launching with the iPhone 7 in September, Apple Watch 2 is expected to make a big splash when it arrives.

Shipment of components and chips have started and the Cupertino company is excited about its release due to all the pre-orders for the mobile watch. The sources behind the supply chain for the parts has commented saying, “Orders for the upcoming Apple Watch have actually been higher-than-expected.”

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“Apple has stepped up procurement of chips and components for the second-generation Apple Watch which is expected to debut later in 2016.” ~Digitimes

Will Apple Watch 2 Succeed?

Apple is projecting to sell approximately 2 million units monthly during the first quarter of the Apple Watch 2 release. That’s a lot of smartwatches. Everyone agrees that the sales of the first generation Apple Watch were a disappointment due to the expectations consumers had for it. Because of this, it is quite surprising to see that the pre-orders have been so high for the unit. What’s interesting to note is that Apple waited until recently to admit that the Apple Watch “Was Not” the hit they thought it would be.

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Third party retailers record clearly showed that the smartwatch has not been selling well, while some quotes even assert that less than 7.5 million watches have been sold this year. Jumping up to 2 million units a month is a big hurdle for the company but with rumors like a Facetime camera, cellular connectivity, and a body that’s 40% thinner; don’t doubt the company to have a big smash on their hands. Story Credit – Digitimes We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need cell phone repair visit our store today