Multitasking seems to be the pinnacle of human achievement. Companies want employees that are experts at multitasking, it is engrained in our D.N.A. One way that people simplify multitasking is through technology. There are many products including tablets and smartphones that make this promise. The majority fall short. Has Apple conquered this with the new iPad Pro?

Learn about Apple’s new iPad Pro  multitasking features.

The iPad Pro is due for release in November 2015

Slide Over

Slide Over allows you to quickly and easily switch between two apps. Apple has greatly simplified this method. You are able to slide one app over another. The second app covers about 1/3 of the screen. This allows you to quickly move between the two apps. This makes it easy to read an email and get a quick look at your Twitter or Facebook feed.

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Split View

If you need a second app open but want it to take up more than 1/3 of the screen the you can utilize iPad’s split view feature. Simply click and hold on the divider between the two apps. This will allow each app to take up 1/2 the screen. This is a great multitasking feature because you can have two apps up and be able to use all the features of each one.  macbook 577758 1280

Picture in Picture

This Apple iPad feature works much like picture in picture on your home television. But, it does a step farther. Instead of simply being able to watch two videos, you can watch a video and do other things. While you have a video open, click on your Home button. This will dock the video in the corner and you can now open any other app that you would like.

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bar 621033 1280Quick Type

If you routinely use your iPad to get some work done then Quick Type will greatly improve your multitasking. You now will have access to word processing features like copy and paste, adding an attachment, and formatting text. All of these features are docked right onto your Quick Type keyboard. You also are able to use your fingers like a trackball. By placing two fingers down on the screen you can control anything like a Trackball. This makes it much easier to highlight several lines of text.   Not all iPad models have all of these features. If you want to use Picture in Picture then you need an iPad Pro, iPad Air or newer, or iPad mini 2 or newer. Split View is more limited in its availability. You will need the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 4.

woman 2099465 1280End Note

Apple certainly is working hard to prove that it is still relevant after Steve Jobs’s death. One way they are doing this is including great multitasking features into their iPad line. Split view allows you two have two fully functioning apps up at the same time. Improvements to Quick Type rival a desktop word processing program. Picture in Picture allows you to get your work done and watch your favorite show or keep you from missing that sports game. Apple’s new iPad multitasking features is great for both home use and for road warriors.

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