This isn’t the first article we’ve written about Apple’s stock prices. However, just last week the company’s stock price dropped to the lowest closing price in almost a year. This price drop along with other technology stock price drops has some consumers worrying about the market as a whole and specifically Apple. As we have discussed previously, the industry as a whole seems concerned about the sustainability and future success of the iPhone. Since smartphone sales are such a huge part of Apple’s annual sales, decreased popularity and purchased of these devices could be detrimental to the company.

Smartphone Decrease Sales

Stock experts and industry critics are concerned that iPhones have finally peaked and are now on the downhill slant to irrelevancy. Fortunately for Apple-lovers and the company, this is far from the truth. In fact, it is not Apple iPhones that are on the decline, but the smartphone industry in general. Since Apple iPhones has been the star of the smartphone market for years, their decrease in sales takes center stage. However, since overall smartphone sales are down, it’s a larger change not specific to Apple or its products. Overall, the smartphone market is becoming saturated. The amount of smartphone repair near me owners has increased to the point where the amount of potential owners is lessening and therefore smartphone sales are starting to plateau.

Apple´s Dropping Stock

All of that being said, Apple’s dropping stock prices is not a cause for concern, especially for consumers. The technology market has changed since the early 2000’s. Buyers today are less worried about buying a device that includes a phone and more interested in buying a device that keeps them constantly connected. This means that even if iPhone sales decrease, iPad and Mac sales can pick up where iPhones left off. The apps and services available through Apple products still dominate the market even if they aren’t being accessed through an iPhone. And perhaps most importantly, Apple knows how to stay relevant. This is not a company that will stick to its current products with fingers crossed hoping for success. They have and will adapt with the market to ensure ongoing and sustainable success. Let’s not forget we are talking about the company that virtually invented mobile music players and did invent the very first smartphone repair near me. And even after the smashing success of their touchscreen smartphone, Apple went on to create the iPad, Apple Watch and thousands of apps that make every day life better and more connected for consumers.

Apple´s Stock Prices Be Cause For Concern?

Still worried? As of today, Apple has more than $200 billion in cash reserves in addition to huge sales margins on all the products they sell. In short – Apple is going to be fine. It’s easy to pick out the flaws in Apple’s sales or stocks, but its important to look at the big picture. Apple has a big year coming up and a lot more to iphone repair near me produce and develop. So don’t start selling your stocks now or looking into buying another brand of smartphone. We believe Apple is here for the long haul with significant success and achievement in their future.