Bank of America now allows its customers to use Apple Pay to withdraw cash from ATMs.

While the rollout has not happened at all banks yet, it has already been added to many branches across America and should be ready at all Bank Of America locations by the end of the year. Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay can now be used to make withdrawals and transfers at Bank of America ATMs, without needing an actual physical card. TheseATMs are equipped with an NFC reader, which lets them communicate wirelessly with your iPhone when you hold it close to the device. Your fingerprint then confirms your withdrawal and allows you to grab your money.

applepay 800x395When the rollout happens at your local BOA, you will know because it will clearly be promoted. However, only current Bank Of America accounts users can use these new features. When attempting to use another bank card, users noted that the ATM machine would go through the entire process right up until it was time to dispense the money. At that moment, an error message pops up notifying you that 3rd party bank cards will not work. Other U.S. banks are in the process of adding Apple Pay just like Bank of America did. Chase revealed a plan recently showing that they are in the midst of doing so, while Wells Fargo has stated the same. Do you think Apple Pay will be big when it comes to using it on an ATM?

Story Credit – 9 to 5 Mac

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