Friday, February 22, 2019

Elon Musk Announces Plan For Internet Satellites

What do you do when you were an integral part of three different companies that each revolutionized their industries and garnered you a multi-billion...

Microsoft Reports Strong Earnings

Computer and consumer technology giant Microsoft has breathed new life into it’s financial status as their stock rallied 4% last week on a strong...

Microsoft Releases Fitness Band

Microsoft has jumped onto the wearable’s bandwagon and will be releasing a product they are calling the Microsoft Band. The wearable health monitoring product...

Samsung Invests Big in Vietnam

Korean electronics company Samsung, known as the maker of Samsung Galaxy smartphone lines as well as countless other consumer electronics and appliances, has been...

FTC Sues AT&T Over Unlimited Data Plans

The Federal Trade Commission has filed suit against AT&T over their unlimited data plans, stating that it is their belief AT&T has been misrepresenting...

Whatsapp To Enable End-to-End Encryption

WhatsApp, which was recently purchased by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion in stock and cash, has announced that they will be rolling out...

CVS and Rite-Aid Pull Apple Pay Support

Last Monday Apple Pay went live as over 220,000 merchants began accepting the NFC tap to pay system featured on the new iPhone 6...

Samsung and BlackBerry, Scrambling for Hope

All right, now before anybody explodes for naming these two companies in the same title, lets all remember that Samsung has seen tumbling profits...

Sony Pictures Network Hacked, Blackmailed

The servers and systems over at Sony Pictures have been unceremoniously hacked by a group that seems fond of fonts straight out of the...

Nintendo On Track for Comeback Holiday Season

Nintendo, the company for which no one has been holding their breath, is set to actually have a decent holiday season this year according...

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