Friday, February 22, 2019

Apple’s Stock Prices Be Cause For Concern?

This isn’t the first article we’ve written about Apple’s stock prices. However, just last week the company’s stock price dropped to the lowest closing...

Samsung’s New Feature Oddly Resembles iPhone’s Live Photo

In September of 2015, Apple introduced Live Photo for iPhone. Every picture taken with the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus was instantly a Live...

Google Pays Apple The Big Bucks

Apple is not a company that’s afraid of change. They are constantly and consistently updated their devices, service and offerings. They know how to...

Samsung’s Slow Smartphone Sales

We’ve recently covered a few stories about Apple’s slowing iPhone sales. From decreasing sales of iPhones to dropping stock prices, industry professionals and Apple-lovers...

Apple To Offer Subscriber Only Content

Apple is never content with just producing smartphones. The company reaches into all sorts of industries and products to constantly create new experiences and...

7 settings new iPad owners should change right now

New iPad? It's a pretty easy device to use, but certain aspects can be confusing. For example, if you also have an iPhone, don't...

Apple has some solar power it wants to sell you

Apple has some solar power it wants to sell you A big fan of renewable energy, Apple is making plans to sell excess power generated...

Patiently Awaiting The iPhone 7

Awaiting the iphone 7, user and enthusiastic are looking more information about what will be a new features of Iphone7. The iPhone 6s and...

Want More Battery Life? Apple Just Made It Possible

Apple Battery Life will be Increase said Apple Company recently. When smartphone companies look to their consumers for suggestions on improvements, consumers almost always...

Apple Stock Prices Are On The. . . .Decline?

Apple stock prices the headache of many investors. That’s right – this popular, established and cutting edge brand is having a little bit of...

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