Believe it or not your $1000 dollar iPhone isn’t made to last forever, coming from the electronic repair world we’ve seen it all. From iPhone 8’s being worn down in as little as 6 months, to iPhone 4’s in mint condition needing nothing more than a battery replacement.

So what is it that makes some iPhone’s last longer than others you ask? We like to think from hands on experience that a little TLC and some of the tips and tricks below can really help.

Replace your battery every 6 to 12 months

Do you feel like you phone is constantly dying and find yourself constantly gravitating to an outlet, or car charger to keep you at a comfortable battery percentage level? If your answer is yes, then you’re obviously not alone. It’s probably the number one first world problem we face everyday. The thing is,  more charge cycles your phone has, the quicker your battery life diminishes. Lithium-Ion batteries are not made to last forever and wear out quicker for some depending on how much you actually use and have to recharge your iPhone. Want to know exactly how much capacity your battery has left? Download 3utools from onto our pc and connect your phone. You’ll see a screen with all the specs of your phone including a link that says “Battery” you’ll be able to see how many charges you phone has taken, and what percentage of life your battery actually has.

battery 3360317 1280Don’t wet your phone

That’s right, your phone is not actually water proof, its water resistant and there’s big difference. Take it from someone who repairs water damaged phones. I find my self explaining the difference to customers daily. Perhaps a little splash here and there wont hurt, but over time the water resistance seals start to wear out and therefore making it easier for liquid to seep in.

iphone 1067985 1280Don’t Leave your phone plugged into the charger while using it

Not only are you over charging your battery, but keeping your phone plugged in and in use at all times can also cause something called LCD burn. After time, you basically see shadows of icons on white screens from leaving the screen lit up for too long of periods. Ask your Uber driver to show you his phone and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Best advice for charging your phone is letting it get below 10% before connecting it to charge and then removing the charger after its at 100%.

phone 603048 1280Keep a healthy amount of memory free on your iPhone

iCloud storage optimization is a great option that allows you to store your photos and videos on the cloud rather than actually using the memory of your device. When your phone storage gets close to being full you’ll notice that your phone starts to operate much slower, and your battery will even drain faster. Think of it as your operating system needing room to breath and process, overloading its memory can overwhelm it, and in a way makes your phone feel bloated. We suggest leaving a minimum of 15gb free at all time.

equipment 2892575 1280Put your phone in your pocket upside down

That’s right, upside down. Sounds weird but especially for guys. Guys tend to have a lot more lint in their pockets than woman and that lint starts to compact into your charging port, over time you start to notice that you need to push your charger in with a lot more force. The lint basically blocks your charger from going all the way in. In many cases, phones wont even take a charge when the lint has built up for too long. The good news its quite an easy fix. All you need are some fine tip tweezers. Insert tweezers at your own risk of course. Or take it to your local repair shop for a free cleaning. (Oh and don’t let them convince you that you need a new charging port until they try removing the gung from it)

dog 2785076 1280Buy the case & get the tempered glass

Pretty obvious right? Well, its more about getting the right case. Get something that’s got some padding and thickness to it. You’ll want your iPhone to be nice and snug in a case that’s going to absorb some shock. Internal components often go bad from the constant impact of drops over time. Even if the screen doesn’t break, things inside do get rattled. On the newer iPhone’s its common for the camera to go bad from a good drop and mother board issues can even arise from a deep impact. The very last thing you want to crack on your new iPhone is the back. Believe it or not the back glass of your iPhone 8 or iPhone X costs just as much to replace as the screen does.

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