Facebook has added more than 1,500 emojis to their messenger app to show diversity across the world with its users.

The #1 used Social Media Platform realized nearly 10% of all messages sent in the app consisted of an emoji, so it focused on updating and revamping Facebook Messenger so users can better express themselves with a whole new lineup of emoji. In addition, Facebook will make sure all the emoji you sent from one system will look exactly the same to the sender whether it’s via pc, mac, or mobile. This is due to numerous complaints in the past about emoji looking different depending on what device you were using on Facebook. There’s been a lot of demand in the past year for emoji that better represent our world. The first step has been issuing different complexions for all the different emoji faces. The most up to date push has been to do a much better job with gender, starting with professional emoji for women. While Facebook is getting a head start on that particular by presenting its very own customized emoji; it does not mean it will set the standard for women… But let’s hope it does. Hopefully, we’ll see even more social media messaging platforms do the same in the near future.

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