Facebook sent an e-mail to users last Monday, alerting them that the messaging option will be permanently removed from Facebook’s iPhone and Android app. The Social Network Giant has been pretty relentless, in urging it’s users to make the switch over to it’s Messenger App for quite some time now. They have never just given it’s users an ultimatum on using it. Till now. Over the next couple of days, users who have yet to download Messenger will see continuous reminders telling them to do so. Facebook seems intent on pulling the plug on this feature of their mobile app, and one will only have the ability to check messages via internet browser or the dedicated FaceBook Messenger App. FaceBook Messenger App Although it has been around since 2011, Facebook’s Messenger has never really taken off with many users. This is all despite the social network working tirelessly, to have the masses embrace it and incorporate it into their lives. Early this morning, I took some time to download and tinker with the app a bit. I discovered that it has came a long way since first being introduced 3 years ago. Some of the newest features like:

  • Hold and tap Video
  • Split Screen Selfie

were stolen borrowed from Snapchat to compliment the currently existing functions like voice calling, chat heads, emoticons, group chat, and screen shortcuts. One thing to note is, that although Voice calling is totally free if it’s over Wi-Fi, basic data rates will apply otherwise. Those who haven’t downloaded the app are reluctant to do so, and are not at all happy about being required to use the messaging app exclusively. Popular consensus among many people in Internet-Land, is that Facebook’s constant changes are more of an inconvenient annoyance. Type in the hashtag #facebookmessengerapp on either Google +, Twitter, or Facebook itself and you will see all the rants about it. Below is an example of some tweets.

Facebook messenger app - drphonefix - plantation, fl
Photo Credit: BeastNut
  Facebook is doing what it normally does whenever introducing a new standard to their service. They turn a deaf ear to it’s users desires, whilst constantly providing what THEY feel is it’s user base needs. Will Zuckerberg continues to win with this formula?  Only time will only tell. What are your thoughts? Do you like the new app? Or are you with the majority that dislikes it? Please share your thoughts below.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iphone repair visit our store today