Facebook is about to take aim and fire with a a budding idea on mobile devices…  A Virtual Assistant by the name of, “MoneyPenny.”

The Zuckerberg founded company is working on a feature within Facebook Messenger that will allow users to ask actual people for help looking into and purchasing services and products, among other tasks.  According to people briefed on it, it will go by the name of “MoneyPenny.” Now Facebook is not the first to to foray into this frontier. Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all been doing battle in this arena for a while.

facebook 3245862 1280Facebook is not doing the same old “virtual assistant app”

Moneypenny is more similar to a concierge system found in most hotels and malls, because there are supposedly actual human operators running it. Moneypenny will live within the social network’s Messenger app and it’ll apparently let you ask real individuals for assistance with things. A release date wasn’t provided and details are otherwise very non-existent. Hopefully Moneypenny will be a hit and not crash and burn like the “Home” and “Poke” apps did. There is not much news on MoneyPenny yet but we promise to keep you updated as more info gets released.

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