Google’s Play Store continues to thrive with all sorts of movement. With the deluge of updates that are coming through, you could easily get lost in the shuffle.

Consider these hot new apps for Summer 2015 when you’re next logged into the Play Store.

Manual Camera

People seem to complain about their devices camera more than anything else. Well, with this app you are going to be giving your camera an injection of steroids and hitting the gym. Manual Camera Android is not to blame for lackluster shots, and that’s what Manual Camera corrects properly. For a small fee, you can get this app and take on RAW files, jpegs, larger scaling, better aperture settings, and so much more. You have to be utilizing the Camera2 API otherwise you will not get the full scope of this apps power. If you’re a photog, this is a must own.

better camera app for android manual camera app for androidLimbo

Taken from XBOX Live, this game finally comes home for Android users to get lost in. Limbo is a puzzler with elements of platforming, and has been smoothed out for the portable experience. You will be able to play various characters and flow through puzzles and platforms that will immediately remind you of the original console classics (Crash, Tomb Raider, etc.). The light gets turned off in this game, so you’ll have to pay close attention to every move you’re working within in Limbo. For 4.99 this is a fun, frenetic, darkly lit game.

901631Lock Me Out

This is an app that changes everything. This will lock you out of your own phone for however long you need it. Don’t want to drive and text? Don’t want to be interrupted while studying? Well, this app locks your phone and forces you to stop using it for a certain length of time. It may very well save you on interruptions, and could save your life as well.

maxresdefaultThe Witcher Battle Arena

Multiplayer arena games are all the rage right now across other platforms. But what about Android? Well, you’ll have to wait a long time to play League of Legends and others, but that’s ok, because here comes Witcher Battle Arena. This game puts you in a free to play world of immense battles and characters that rival even DOTA 2. You don’t need to invest hours into this game to have fun, as you can battle it out within less than 10 minutes and scale your characters experience and power levels across several stages. Much like other multiplayer RPG type games, this game runs smooth, and fast. You can start for free, but if you want to get more action, you can pay for premium upgrades including currency to spend within the game. Overall, not a bad update.

20150120081940Falcon Pro 3

The best thing that this app does is it streamlines Twitter. You get real time interactivity, no delays, and you can get responses faster, and much easier. Falcon Pro 3 has been given a face lift, and this really caters to the Twitter power user. You will be able to get everything you want out of Twitter and then some, instead of having to wait for the game of checkers that you usually have to deal with in terms of time management with updating the social media site. The app has been ramped up for Android 5.0 and it’s sleek.

gsmarena 001

Day of The Viking

Simple games seem to get the most love on the go. This is a game where you defend your castle, simple as that. The 2D animations work well, and you can progress by protecting your building against a swarm of enemies. There’s a lot of games like this, but the slick animations, and art make this one a bit better than others. The further you go in Day of The Viking, the more options get unlocked, and best of all, it won’t break the bank.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today