Millions of people let themselves go into a slide around the holidays.

They get through a slump of eating whatever, and gaining weight. Out of the initial plans of New Year’s resolutions, and falling back to old patterns, spring comes in with a new hope. Millions yearn to get back on the plan of weight loss and muscle development, and turn to technology for assistance.

  Gaining  leverage to improve your health is important. Here are a handful of apps to help you out.

Relax Melodies

Sound therapy is the name of the game here, and it’s fascinating. If you are looking for music and development that is meant to help ease the burden of your daily life through sound, here is an app for you. Skeptics are turned into believers within a few listens of the sound waves that come through headphones and this application. The soothing sounds are meant to help with sleep, relaxation, and are perfect companions for yoga and tai chi.


The biggest excuse that people have for gaining a few pounds is the cost of gym memberships. Other than that, it’s the fact that exercising requires equipment. Well, this app throws away that notion so that you have no excuses. With this app, you can go through training that doesn’t require any equipment or gym membership.If you have an open space, even a closet full of free area, you have enough space to start getting into shape. This app guides you through tutorials, videos, and exercises that can very well change your perception of exercise forever. You can choose the free Lite version or the Pro version ($3)

Pocket Yoga

For those that are wanting to ease into this whole thing, Pocket Yoga can really come in handy. It helps with dexterity, stretching, and relaxation. You may not think that this is a vigorous workout, but your body will feel it and you’ll start to find a balance in your body. When you work through the balancing act, weight loss becomes so much easier. Test this out, and you could become extremely flexible, and fall in love with the world of Yoga.


Routine is everything when it comes to etching out time to exercise. Trello streamlines your days, weeks, hours, everything into an easy interface. This puts together the puzzle of your chaotic life and brings it together into an easy to follow scheduling system. Whether you need to create to-do-lists, or you need to figure out what you have to do tomorrow, or the next day, you can easily utilize this app to create a flow that is simply organized. We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today