Glassmaker Corning just revealed its newest version of Gorilla Glass, which dozens of consumer electronics makers use in their devices.

Called Gorilla Glass 5, the brand-new glass was developed to improve drop performance from devices that are dropped onto the ground from a number of different heights. Corning states Gorilla Glass 5 survives as much as 80 percent of the time when dropped. The new glass is the follower to Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which was introduced in the fall of 2014.

Called Gorilla Glass 5, the brand-new glass was developed

Gorilla Glass 4 was advertised to be two times as difficult as the previous version of its glass and two times as most likely to endure drops onto irregular surface areas. Their website states:

“Corning Gorilla Glass 5 raises the bar for protection against drops higher than ever, surviving 1.6-meter drops onto rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. Plus, even though it’s our toughest cover glass yet, it still delivers the damage resistance, optical clarity, and touch sensitivity Gorilla® Glass is famous for.”

Research done by Corning showed that 85 percent of mobile phone owners have dropped their phones, with two-thirds of those drops happening from waist high. Rough surfaces are especially harsh for delicate smartphones, so much of Corning’s research and development of the new glass involved drops on rough surface areas. Gorilla Glass first started appearing in consumer electronics gadgets in 2007. Ever since the business has actually repeated on the glass to improve general toughness and scratch-resistance while likewise making it thinner.CORNING GORILLA GLASS 5 RAISES THE BAR FOR PROTECTION AGAINST DROPS

At the time Gorilla Glass initially shipped, worldwide mobile phone penetration was only around 10 percent; now it’s nearly 75 percent. Corning states 4.5 billion device units have been shipped with its glass to this day. You should still use a glass screen protector on your smartphone. Extra protection is always better.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need cell phone repair visit our store today