It has happened to all of us. You forget the phone is on your lap or in your back pocket. It only takes a moment; you exit the car or sit down and hear that horrible crash. Your heart begins to sink. You slowly pick it up and turn it over. Your worst fears are imagined. You now have to fix your phone.

What are you going to do now? Your cell phone is your lifeline. You don’t go anywhere without it. It is time to find a mobile phone repair company. Use these guidelines to learn how to choose the right mobile phone repair shop.

Do They Have A Storefront and Website?

There are two common types of cell phone repairers. There are the ones that taught themselves based on a video on the internet. You have heard of them… They are “a friend of a friend.” You use their service by dropping your phone off with someone and hope it comes back in a few weeks. There are also established companies that specialize in smartphone repair. They employ experienced cell phone technicians to fix your smartphone. If they have not spent the investment to create a storefront and website for their smartphone repair company then you should probably go elsewhere. Dr Phone Fix & Repair in Plantation Florida has a wonderful store at

internet 3352922 1280Will They Give You A Repair Quote Before You Get The Shop?

If a Smartphone and Tablet Repair shop won’t give you a preliminary quote over the phone, or email before you come in, then run far, far away.  While there is always a chance of there being something else wrong with your mobile device when you come into the repair shop, there should be no reason yu can’t have an idea of what you will be spending to fix your gadget. We go one better by offering you a quote via text as well. Dr Phone Fix & Repair in Plantation, Florida believes in making things as simple as possible when it comes to making sure our customers have easy access towards help in getting their mobile devices fixed. Feel Free to Text or Call Us for a Fast, Free Quote Over the Phone.

telephone 586266 1280Do They Offer You Warranty on Your Mobile Repair?

Even the best smartphone repair companies have things go wrong. The screen they use for cracked screen repair may be faulty. iPad repairs are very challenging due to the size of the device. A simple slip and a wire can come loose. You want to know that you are covered should there be any issues. Look for a smartphone or iPhone repair company that stands behind their work. Dr Phone Fix & Repair in Plantation, Florida  offers 6 Month Warranty on all of our Apple Device Repairs. This includes any iPad or iPhone Repair.  We also Offer a 9 Day Warranty on all of our Android Device Repairs. This includes any Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, or LG Smartphone and Tablet Repairs.


Begin Your Search Online

This may seem obvious but many people don’t think of it in the heat of the moment. This is not their fault. Their baby is broken. That cracked screen just sits there and stares at them. All they want is to find someone that can do a cracked screen repair. So they search online for a solution. Companies that service all iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, or other Smartphone and tablet repairs are all on the internet. You will find very few reputable ones that don’t have a website. We have Some Of The Best Reviews Read More Reviews Here

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Depending on the type of Smartphone repair you need, it may be more expensive to fix your device than to get a new one. But, in the majority of cases, simple repairs like a cracked screen or broken case will be cheaper then replacing especially if you are not eligible for a carrier upgrade. It is sensible to shop around. You don’t want to overpay. But, keep in mind, going with the lowest bidder only works for the government. Spending a few extra dollars will pay off in less stress and anxiety later.

mobile phone 1595731 1280End Note

It is always frustrating when you cell phone breaks. It usually happens at the worst possible moment. No matter whether you need an iPhone repair, iPad repair, or some other smartphone repair keep in mind these tips. Look for a company that has a physical storefront, make sure they warranty their work, begin your search online and remember that the lowest bidder is not always the best option. These steps will walk you through the path of how to choose the right mobile phone repair company. Save $10 on any smartphone and tablet repair when you come to Dr Phone Fix & Repair in Plantation Florida. Get your free quote today.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iphone repair visit our store today