HTC One For Windows

HTC will be releasing a new version of the HTC One, which will run on the windows phone platform. The HTC One is a flagship phone for HTC, expected to reach sales of between 3-5 million unites in 2014 Q2. These sales however aren’t doing much to help HTC stem the financial bleeding they are currently suffering.

HTC posted a Q1 loss of $62 million dollars, compared to a loss $83 million the same quarter last year. Analysts however were expecting a loss of about $52 million. 


The Taiwanese company is staying afloat with just 2 percent of the current smartphone market.
It is perhaps a bit worrisome that a company with extremely low market share is the one teaming up with a platform that has equally abysmal market performance. Windows Phone market share in the United States currently sits at lower than 3%. So this isn’t a platform that inspires iOS or Android desertion, and the HTC One isn’t a phone that has people tossing their iPhones and Galaxy’s to the wind.

The HTC One while suffering from dismal sales has received widespread critical acclaim. The HTC One truly is a fantastic product, as are its brothers the HTC One X and the HTC One S. HTC from a consumer experience as well as repair industry perspective has consistently released well built phones (with the exception of the notoriously difficult to repair HTC 8X, a windows phone.) This however does not seem to be saving them from themselves.


The M8 for Windows as its being called with be available starting Tuesday September 15th from Verizon wireless exclusively. The single carrier adoption may be a play at exclusivity, but it is far more likely that the other big name carriers were less than excited about promoting perhaps the lowest selling phone manufacturer, paired with the lowest selling platform.

Perhaps looking for an opportunity wherever they can get it, there are rumors circulating now that a possible NVIDIA HTC tablet will be making its way out during Q3 of 2014. HTC currently does not sell tablets in the United States, after officially waving the white flag in 2012 when it simply could not compete with the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung.

HTC has announced an October 8th event in New York City but has not mentioned what they might be revealing. They just recently launched the new HTC Desire 820, which is expected for release sometime in September of this year. It will feature a 5.5 inch screen, which is the same as the iPhone 6 Plus, save for the iPhone 6 Plus is a full 1920 X 1080 screen where as the Desire 820 is only 720 X 1280. The Galaxy S 5 is also its superior with a 5.1-inch screen, full HD, and 432 ppi.

Time will tell how investors react to another launch after having just announced the new desire. Hopefully HTC wont go the way of Blackberry, and release unimpressive devices in a clamor for market share. Best of luck to HTC in getting out of the red.