Apple has a lot of things cooking right now. There are rumors rampant about the latest watch update, and even an autonomous vehicle. But the immediate news that you are going to want to look into is an updated iPhone.

No, it’s not the iPhone 7, but there are definitely people talking about that already. The news that is coming through right now is absolutely interesting, as it is in regards to the world of the existing iPhone 6 line up. The news coming through is that there will be in fact an iPhone 6s and it will be faster, updated, sleeker, and could very well give a push forward for the brand ahead of the watch that is coming through in the spring.

Multiple iPhone Updates

The process here is simple, Apple is going to have several updates throughout this year, but before they launch the 7th edition of their phone, they are going to first update the existing line up with a snappier processing element, and more. The company previously did this update process and lowered the price of other phones to ensure that they maintained market share between full updates. With this latest development, there would be 4 major updates coming through in 2015, including a new phone altogether.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster iPhone

Not only will the company release a strong updated candidate, news coming out of the rumor mill actually point to a “mini” as well. Either way, the updates will feature new chipsets, faster RAM, 3D functionality, and the same sleek design that you expect from the iPhone 6 as a whole. Amidst the changes, consumers will be able to take impressive photos with many analysts citing an upgrade to the overall lens system. This time around, there will be a DSLR emulation with dual lenses and capture elements that could very well change how media is recorded moving forward. There will be an update to the gorilla glass, the battery, and even the HD screen.

An Ongoing News Cycle From Apple

Of course the news and rumors seem to point towards a lot of different information and some will even call it misinformation. All this to excite the general public as a new iPhone release heads to the marketplace in the later quarters of 2015. But before we see #7 come through, look for a faster functioning 6s and 6-Mini that will definitely stun late adopters. The price of the original will most likely drop as well, so keep tabs on that changeover as well.  We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iphone repair visit our store today