A dinging, blinging, ringing, smartphone can be pretty distracting when one is deeply immersed in work. Spending an obscene amount of my day either plugged into 1 of my 2 laptops, or on my tablet, it becomes cumbersome having to stop, pick up phone, answer a text, and then continue working.

I’ve taken care of the problem in part by using an app called, “Auto Reply” on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (my Google Play Store review here). This allows me to automatically send an auto reply to a set list with custom messages. This being only a temporary solution, I needed another more viable alternative to enhance my work flow. I needed to find a way to send and receive texts online just as if I was messaging via hangouts, hipchat, Aim, etc.

Note: The following tutorial is only for Android users. I am sure there is something comparable to it in the iTunes store for the iPhone.


Finding A Productive Way To Text From My Computer

With Google’s release of the KitKat update for the Android o.s. they clamped down on a lot of 3rd party functionality for text messaging. The Company’s made an insane push towards having users adopt Google Hangouts as their All in 1 messaging app. Don’t get me wrong, the use of Hangouts is key towards my everyday tasks in running BeastNut. Google Apps is so important to what I do, while I’m on my online grind. I find however, that using it for text messaging replaces some of the features that I love about the stock messaging app on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Hangouts has come a long way since being introduced a couple years ago. Every update they get closer and closer towards their goal. But… Since I would be missing important Features like, “air view” and “video texts” because they are not included with Google Hangouts;  I just can’t rock with it as my premier messaging app. Yet. Air View Feature - Samsung - Drphonefix - Plantation -fl After a little research, I stumbled upon an app that can break through the KitKat restrictions and give me full fledged texting from my laptop(s). Below is how I accomplished it.  

Walk Through On Using Your Computer To Send And Receive Phone Texts

1. Install EndlessJabber SMS on Your Device EndlessJabber SMS by MariusSoft LLC, is available in the Google Play Store. By syncing with your mobile device’s phone number you can remotely receive and sent text messages through any tablet or computer, as long as you are doing it from a web browser. Endless Jabber SMS - Review - Drphonefix - plantation, fl   2. Launch the App After launching Endless Jabber SMS, go to “Complete Setup,” and make sure that “Sync Old Messages and Sync Old only on WiFi are checked. endless jabber sms drphonefix - plantation 3: Install EndlessJabber SMS onto Your Computer Do you use Google Chrome? If so then you are in luck. You can go right to the Chrome Store, search for “Endless Jabber” and install the extension right onto your Chrome Browser. Once this is active you will start to see any text notifications pop up right in your window whenever they come in.

Credit: Endless Jabber
4. Your Computer Now Sends And Receives Texts To carry on a conversation, simply type your message in the “Message” box and hit the “Send” button. To start a new message, hit the “New Message” button up top. You can then reply right inside the browser window for a seamless, communicative, experience. Mozilla’s Firefox browser also comes with nifty utility in it’s own store, but they call it an “add-on,” as opposed to an “extension.” I did not test out the Firefox browser version as I don’t use the browser.   #TeamChrome all the way. 🙂   If you use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera, you can use the web interface to view, receive, and send text messages as well. This means you can use your iPad, or Android Tablet as well. I’d recommend bookmarking the page though for quick access and continued flow of productivity. Again I did not run any tests with these browsers except for Internet Explorer as I don’t have the other ones installed on any of my electronic devices.   1 more time for #TeamChrome. 🙂   So there you have it folks. This is one of the many ways I multitask throughout the day, and stay connected to everyone I need to. I am a firm believer in utilizing a plethora of tools to stay onpoint with an efficient workflow. Perhaps I shall stop by again some other time should Dr Phone Fix & Repair – PlantationFL invite me, and share some more of my experiences. 🙂   Kindly share whatever tools and tips you have below. I’m a certified geek when it comes to Maximizing Growth Hacking tactics in Business and My Personal Life. [coupon couponid=”517″ coupon_align=”cctor_alignnone” name=”$15 Off All SmartPhone And Tablets Repairs – This Week Only – Till 8-24-14″]We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need cell phone repair visit our store today