It seems Nokia simply could not stay out of the game, and has announced that they will be getting back into the device marketplace with a new tablet. Most recently Nokia sold off their failing handset business to Microsoft for $7.2 billion but must have retained a number of patents and tablet ideas because they announced Tuesday that they will be launching a 7.9 inch tablet early next year in China, which is the world largest market. The Finnish company has signed on with a contract to manufacture the device through China based and Apple favorite Foxconn. The tablet will run on Android software most likely as a result of the abysmal response to the Windows Phone system on Nokia’s previous attempts at consumer electronics. The tablet will be called the N1 and Sebastian Nystrom; the head of Nokia’s technologies unit has hailed it as “a new beginning for Nokia.” Strategy Analytics spokesperson Neil Mawston has been quoted as saying “It’s pointing in the right direction, but there are some real challenges. It doesn’t have the distribution channels that others like Samsung and Apple enjoy, and nobody is making any profits in Android tablets at the moment.” Does this move mean that Nokia is looking to jump totally back in to the device market? Will smartphones be around the corner or are they just sticking with tablets for now? Time will tell, but for now we know that the N1 will retail for $250 with specs that rival the iPad mini while still being a much cheaper device. The design is eerily similar to the Apple iPad Mini and features the same dimension and 2049X1536 resolution screen; the internals however set it apart. The N1 will feature a 64-bit Intel Atom processor that clocks in at 2.3 GHz. It will feature 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It features the standard rear facing and front facing camera, which will be 8 mega pixels and 5 mega pixels respectively. As far as breaking down new barriers, it is likely the world will not hold their breath for a Nokia device, but they are trying to be first at something. The N1 will be one of the first adopters of the new Typce C USB connector that is reversible. After the Chinese launch the device will take to Russia and other European Markets in 2015. Since Nokia sold its manufacturing rights to Microsoft, Foxconn will be building the device under the Nokia in a sort of borrowing of the Finnish brand. Nokia has assured investors that it would not lend its brand to just anyone and that this partnership will hopefully be fruitful. Foxconn will be paying a royalty in exchange for the using the brand name in distribution. Ramzi Haidamus, the president of Nokia technologies, has said that Nokia is “looking at going into the cell phone licensing business post-Microsoft rights.” So it is a possibility that a smartphone in 2015 or 2016 will happen and tablet repair