Samsung just released what many analysts are saying is the iPhone killer. The latest smartphone is being called the Galaxy S6 Edge and it comes with a new cutting edge tech screen.

The screen is bigger, and has a distinct curve along the front of it. While this is an interesting element, to look at, it seems to be something that is posing difficult for those that repair smartphones on a regular basis. In fact, it’s so complex, we are confirming that it is definitely a pain in the butt to fix.

386204 samsung galaxy s6 edge t mobileComplexity On The Repair

The latest Reports have scored the following in regards to the repairs: Samsung has reportedly scored a 3/10 compared to Apple’s latest which scored 7/10. This is not necessarily a good thing for Samsung. These findings come alongside a great deal of criticism about the latest phones. There have been claims that the S6 and S6 Edge are not only easy to bend, but that they crack with relative ease. It’s not too far off from the rumors and criticisms that Apple faced upon releasing their initial rules of their iPhone 6. Samsung has gone on record to deny claims, and even refute them outright, but that hasn’t stopped the court of public opinion from declaring the notes on toughness. As for the iFixit findings, the repairs that are going to be needed are far more difficult to manage than previous iterations. If the phone is damaged, consumers may be left out cold.

samsung galaxy s6 edge 32gb gold platinum at t cracked screen c 2 ea04eac57459b50b2205e56ebee509d0The Screen Issue

The main reason why the Galaxy S6 Edge is getting such problems is curve of the glass. The insides of the phone are hard to get to, and if too much pressure is placed on opening the case, the screen can scratch or even crack. The adherence to a close knit build is to blame here. The battery and other elements are placed tightly within the build, and replacing the screen may be necessary each time.

galaxy s6 edge crack 2 710x399Positive Notes

Despite these revelations, it should be noted that the reviews for the latest Galaxy smartphones are favorable. Some experts even rating the phones at near perfect scores, as the screen and build are appealing. People often throw around the term “iPhone killer”, and some analysts are definitely ringing that right now. Samsung has built some good technology in the past, and this update may be the boost that the company needs. They saw a small slump in 2014, especially in China, but have found a way to get into the mainstream consciousness yet again with their latest smartphone release.   Go Samsung!!!We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need cell phone repair visit our store today