Samsung’s Galaxy Series of Smartphones have left an indelible imprint in the mobile device marketplace.

Samsung has consistently put out a new Galaxy phone every year since it’s foray into the high end, yet crowded cell phone playing field. They are always a smash hit due to their constantly adding a plethora of new features which include speed, screen, size, processors, apps, and design. They leave nothing behind in the way they market and brand themselves either. Their ads are always the talk of the advertising world. Because of this, dubious cell phone manufacturers like “GooPhone” are quick to reverse engineer, and blatantly steal these exact features down to the Galaxy’s intricate designs. While this copyright infringement is legally frowned upon in the United States, it’s a different case in countries like China. Let’s be honest, how many times have you seen a, “Made in China” replica of something? From fashion to electronics – From cars to even existing Cities like Paris, the zany Chinese will stop at nothing to replicate what they please.

Fake Paris in China - Drphonefix  - plantation - fl
Eiffel Tower inside a Chinese Cornfield – Credit: Reuters
Let’s face it… There is always a market for what isn’t real Samsung Galaxy Series Smartphones and other phones made with the Android O.S. have taken a real hit due to this thievery of technology. Unlike iPhones (which are still cloned – Video Here) it’s easier to duplicate these mobile devices due to Apple having a proprietary software interface, while Google’s Android software is an open one. This makes cloning any high end mobile phone with the Android o.s. far easier, and unfortunately harder for consumers to tell if they are getting swindled or not. Recently we had a customer come into our Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation Store requesting to have his Samsung Galaxy S5 Repaired. It was a typical repair, one of which we do all day long, a cracked screen. Resident Doc, “Gerald Knight” took a preliminary inspection of the phone, and then informed the poor guy his phone was a fake. The potential customer, who also happened to be a police office was in shock because he had purchased a fake S5 and got completely fooled by it. The company culprit in all this, Goophone even has the design pattern on the back down pact. Take a look at it. What do you think?
Goophone -  drphonefix - plantation, fl
Credit – Goophone

Moral of the Cloned Smartphone Story

When buying a 2nd hand Samsung Galaxy S5 look at the following clues to help you make up your mind. Please keep in mind these are only helpful tips albeit with a bit of humor, and we are not responsible if you get flimflammed by what appears to be a great deal.

Fake Samsung Galaxy S5 Detection Tips

1 – Do not pay heed to anyone posting the word, “Clone” in their ad or listing. Click the back button on your browser, and don’t ever, ever go back. This is a giveaway most people do not pay attention to and then when they find out, they can’t claim they want out of an imitation smartphone. 2 – “Smart Care” sticker labels. What the heck does “Smart Care” mean? Who knows. All we know here at Dr Phone Fix & Repair – Plantation is that “Smart Care” means, “Beware.” For you Spanish speaking folks??? “Cuidado.” 3 – Missing accessories. Not every Craigslist posting or eBay listing has a picture with the box opened up, but if there is, search for all the accessories the phone comes with. If they are not there, it is possible it could you could be saying, “Hello!! Hello!” with a fake phone in the near future. 4 – Please check the Specs or Specifications. Google can be your friend for this. Do a search for all the specs the Samsung S5 or any other smartphone has and compare it with what the seller has listed. Any discrepancies? Yikes! You could be in for a bad one. 5 –  It’s an “Unlocked Phone?” Go over it with a Fine Toothed Comb. Our resident Phone Doctor, “Gerald” aka #PhoneDocFL has discovered that a lot of cloned devices are advertised as fake most of the time. Double check, Triple check, and make sure. 6 – Ask the seller for verification of where it was bought, wireless provider, receipt, etc. If they are being hesitant about providing any info, then Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Fork Over a Couple Hundred Dollars. You could find yourself digging into the community chest later on when you discover your new gadget is a clone. Be careful when buying second hand phones in today’s world. If you don’t care about a cloned phone, then fine… But if you do, then buyer beware…  We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need computer repair visit our store today