If ever there’s a phone that continually gets called the “iPhone” killer, it’s the Samsung Galaxy line up. The latest iteration, the Galaxy S6 is getting a lot of news.

It’s getting pushed into the forefront of technology, and it’s because there’s a lot packed into the world of phones. As of now, there are some photos coming through due to it’s release today. and they appear to give a larger full-metal design, alongside curved elements, and something that is right on par with what you’d expect from Apple, but this is definitely something different. The metal framework, and the body is streamlined, and configured to appeal to the latest crop of technophiles.

More Than A Clone

Some people will be quick to talk about how this is nothing more than a clone of what is already being done, but when you look closer at some of the latest images, you’re going to find something much more impressive. For instance, there’s an incredible attention to detail here. The detailing is on the edge, which gives a slight curvature that will allow you to have a little more screen to view while still maintain control on the sides. It’s not an extreme curve, but it’s clearly there in the images. With the tagline “Six Appeal”, this latest iteration of the Galaxy is quite fascinating.

maxresdefaultThe Real Scoop On Samsung’s Latest 

From what shown at the event in Barcelona, Spain, you’re going to find that the display has a tightened QHD resolution that has been jumped a few iterations. You’ll also see a 5.3 inch screen if not larger, and the aforementioned curvature, with a strong screen that is meant to take a beating. The camera is getting at least a 20MP lens, optical updates to mimic DSLR, and clarity that is definitely getting notice within social media circles. All other features are getting a jump. Expect faster RAM, expandable memory, the latest iteration of the Android system, and even SIM free solutions. The release date is scheduled for later in 2015, but the price tag will be very much the same as the previous iterations. However, there will be a justification for this with an upgraded camera, resolution, operating system, expandable memory, stronger casing, and precision updates that are far from just another rehash of what’s already on the marketplace. Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy S6’s previous moniker of the “iPhone” killer is going to most likely stick much harder this time around. What are your thoughts? Is this going to kick the iPhone’s butt?  We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need cell phone repair visit our store today