Samsung-Gets-the-Jump-On-ChinaThe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models were released in the United States and 10 other countries over the weekend. As expected they were received by record-breaking sales, reaching over 10 million units in the first weekend. While these numbers are impressive when looking at year over year sales, they are even more impressive when considering the lack of a release in China this time around. China represents over 500 million smartphone users, and one of the largest markets in the world for competing phone manufacturers. While Apple has announced that their new iPhones’ will go on sale in 20 more countries this coming week but China is not on the list. Samsung has just announced that they will be releasing their flagship phone the Galaxy Note 4 in China by the end of the month. Some reports are placing the iPhone 6 release date in China as late as 2015, but this is unlikely.

Samsung Gets the Jump On China has raised concerns

From what can be gathered after reviewing a number of sources, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has not yet completed the approval process for Apples new smartphone. MIIT Chief Miao Wei has said “The iPhone 6 has entered the final stage of the approval process, now it’s just a matter of time,” and to “please wait patiently.” The lack of Apples presence in China has raised concerns over the rapid growth of a second hand market for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Would be resellers are flocking to North American and European markets to purchase the new smartphones and resell them for many times their value in second hand Chinese markets. Samsung is looking to avoid this issue by attempting to structure their release in an opposite way. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will not only purportedly be released in China before the end of the month, but if it does this will mark the first time Samsung releases a flagship product in China before any other major markets. The US release for the Note 4 is currently slotted for the 17th of October, samsung galaxy repair

In 2012 Samsung held the lead in Chinese market

samsung-galaxy-core-line-1-3This move by Samsung could be not only an attempt at curbing the reselling of their devices, but also a grab at some desperately needed revenue and market share. The South Korean company has been struggling in recent quarters and has seen rather significant year-to-year drops in sales. Should the Galaxy Note 4 takes hold in China, Samsung may have a chance at getting a head start over Apples market share in what is the largest populous in the world. In 2012 Samsung held the lead in Chinese market share at 17.7% with Apple in third place behind Lenovo at 11%, and held this lead in 2013 as well. The trouble with China is that almost 50% of the market is held by cheaper phones by the likes of Huawei, instead of the pricier flagship models from Apple, HTC, and Samsung. Investors will likely be curious to see a highly anticipated phone hold its first sales overseas, and time will tell if the strategy will work for the struggling phone manufacturer.