Summertime is here, and the iPhone has loads of free apps that have taken over the iTunes store.

Here are some of the more popular ones. Make Sure to Read Part 1. Make Sure to Read Part 2.

Angry Birds Star Wars II – New, & Deeper Levels

Angry Birds Star Wars II is a great sequel to the initial pig-flinging game, it bring in lots of new levels and also 50 various personalities to play as. You can switch out different character packs also, which lets you experiment with various gameplay techniques.

643x0wAsphalt 8 Is An Incredible Arcade Racer

Asphalt 8 is a must if you enjoy arcade racing video games. Filled with dizzying tracks and sexy vehicles, Asphalt 8 is the closest you’ll reach a console racing game like Burnout on your phone. Try it. Extremely addicting.

maxresdefaultQuizUp – An Addicting Facts Game That Allows Head-to-Head Play

Whatever TV, Movie, or Song out there, it probably has its very own QuizUp category. Whether you’re looking to pass the time testing your brain, or want to get really intense with the challenges, QuizUp is an intricate trivia app fulled of comprehensive questions that will most certainly put your mind to work. You can challenge people you know or the app will randomly couple you with someone to play with.

maxresdefaultRunKeeper Uses Your iPhone’s GPS To Track Your Runs

RunKeeper is one of the most popular health and fitness apps around, a favorite with many folks involved in fitness. Along with mapping your run, it logs your heartrate as well. What’s nice is that it doesn’t disrupt your music and integrates with your tunes quite nicely. It will pop in with a pleasant voice, let you know where you are at, and then your music will turn back on.

runkeeperMint Will Assist You on Keeping Your Spending in Order

You have got to try Mint if your resolution this summer season is to be much better at sticking to your budget plan. It’s one of one of the most trusted monetary apps available, providing real-time details concerning your account purchases and balances. It will track your gas expenses, food, and extracurricular activities.

mintSplitting The Costs on Bills Has Become Easier With Venmo

Simply placed, Venmo is the easiest method to pay individuals back. It’s a cost-free app that hooks up to your bank account, enabling you to send and get repayments to whomever you desire. No more, “I don’t have cash on me now.”

venmo mobile appVSCO Cam is a Wonderful Picture App That Adds Some Unique Effects

VSCO Cam is an easy-to-use image editing app regarding a straightforward interface that lets you add different effects to pictures. The devices and filters are far better than what you ‘d discover in a lot of apps, as well as the sliders make it easy to thin tune each picture to your preference. A few of the very best iPhone digital photographers use it routinely.

vsco cam 1100x543Yahoo Weather – One of The Top Weather Apps on The Market

Yahoo’s weather app gives per hour, 5-day, as well as 10-day weather report, however it’s really the app’s layout that’s apprehended our interest. Yahoo Weather is easy and sleek, as well as app makes use of high-resolution photos from Flickr based upon your location and the current climate. It won the Apple Design Award in 2013.

yahooweatherFacebook Is Still The Finest Means To Remain In Touch Regarding Individuals You Care About.

You’re in a tiny group if you don’t already use the #1 Social Platform on the Planet. Facebook is the most popular way of keeping up on what your pals & family are doing, current news, and upcoming events, etc. The social network is consistently presenting brand-new updates to improve the app. Whether work or pleasure facebook knows what they are doing.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need cell phone repair visit our store today