This is a feature dedicated to mobile applications that are suitable for toddlers. With the explosion of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, smartphones, and tablets today’s parents have a plethora of educational and entertaining apps for their young ones.

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Petting Zoo

Taking the fun and learning possibilities of a real petting zoo, this app takes on a life of its own when tuned in. Pet animals, and see what happens as they make sounds in an animated manner. Cristoph Niemann’s art is the main focus in this app, giving the illustrations a fun approach. iPhone VersionAndroid Version

Hoopa City

Hoopa City is very much like a real time strategy game, with a small learning curve. Children are given a blank slate and they get to build a fully working city from the ground up. It’s been simplified for younger children, but if you’re familiar with Sid Meier’s “Civilization” game, then you may get the feel of the intent here. It’s not as complex as the adult version of strategy building games, so don’t worry. It’s done in a cartoony, simplified, and easy to move style. iPhone VersionAndroid Version

Dr. Panda’s Toy Cars

Children get behind the wheel of various cars and see what lurks around different areas. Several city levels are represented, and each one holds a different surprise to find. Children can use their imagination as though they are driving real toy cars in this animated fun app. iPhone Version  – Android Version

Tap Tap Revenge

This easy game beats to a new drum, so to speak. Music based gaming is what you get here, and a child needs to simply tap to the rhythm to progress. Kids get to pick from a selection of songs and styles, then tap along with the animations to score points and more. This is a fun music game that mirrors many other mainstream console music games. iPhone Version  – Android Version


Perhaps one of the most fun games for toddlers, this is like bubble wrap presses. The animation is simple, easy to fall in love with, and pop. Children touch the screen and bubbles pop. The bubbles keep coming, and children have a load of fun as things move around, animate, and pop with each press. iPhone VersionAndroid Version

2018 04 30 1742Tozzle Li

Perhaps one of the bigger games for learning, this game features silhouettes of various animals and settings. There are roughly 44 puzzles to go through and each one has their own sounds. The vibrant colors and animations make this a fun game to learn shapes, hear sounds, and play for hours. iPhone Version

2018 04 30 1743Music Sparkles

With this app, children get to make their own music across several instruments. They can learn how to play and recognize sounds through various animations, and sound libraries. This may get a bit annoying for parents, but for toddlers, it’s a fun game to bring music to life. iPhone VersionAndroid Version The above are just 15 of the top applications that have received rave reviews from parents across the land. Finding entertaining apps for kids is a tough road sometimes, but with the above, you can’t go wrong. Cheers  We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iphone repair visit our store today