The holidays can be a very wonderful time. But, making sure that you start the New Year without a holiday hangover requires more than watching your weight. You also need to keep tabs on your budget. These top 5 financial apps to manage your holiday budget can help you get to the New Year with your financial stability intact.

Cost: Free Available For: iOS, Android, and Windowsmint smallerThis is one of the most popular budgeting apps available. There are many reasons for Mint’s popularity. First, it is one of the few apps that are available for all three major operating systems. But, it offers more than just being widely available. It provides a wide variety of tools. You are able to see all your account balances at a glance, track your budget monthly, if you go over budget in an area then you get an alert, ability to break your spending down into categories, and you even get a free credit score when you first signup with them.


Cost: $2.99 Available For: iOSireconcileiReconcile is not free and is only available for iOS products. But, we have included it in our list because of the great features that it offers. The fee allows you to sync everything with their backup service. This means that you can view your information across all of your iOS products. It allows you to keep a tight grip on your personal finances. iReconcile offers a check register; you can track your budget daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, and a wide variety of reports. On top of these great features, the interface is very simple to setup and easy to use.

Good Budget

Cost: Free Available For iOS and Android

system 475x3801Good Budget is not quite as well known simply because it is new. But, the features that it offers for budgeting have allowed it to grow quickly. It offers a very visual interface that is easy to understand. It is based on the “envelope” system that is recommended by many financial advisors such as Dave Ramsey. You are able to define up to 20 “envelopes” on the system. You then can track how much money is in each envelope. You are able to sync this app across all your devices.


Cost: Free Available For Android and iOS

mvelopes review cover image

Mvelopes is built upon the same highly recom

mended envelope system as “Good Budget.” It builds upon this system by providing a quick start tool that walks you through setting up your personal envelope system. You are able to connect this app directly to your bank, credit union, etc. This allows it to pull in information about your account balances and spending. It is a very easy way to keep track of your budget throughout the year.


Cost: $1.99 Available For: iOS

We have featured many great budgeting apps. They all offer a high level of flexibility. However, they are not as flexible as Expenditure. For example, as you add a new financial transaction, you are instantly given the option of adding a note or even a picture. It makes it easy for remembering where the money was spent and why. This adds another level of accountability.

End Note

Tracking your holiday budget is critical to making sure that you get through to the New Year with a bright financial future. Smartphones, tablets, etc. have made budgeting easier than ever. Using any of these top 5 apps to manage your holiday budget can greatly simplify your budgeting.We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iPhone repair visit our store today