Using different social media platforms to promote your business means staying on top of changes they make at all times. This is important because any little change can affect the time, money, and effort put into social media campaigns. This can hurt your business if not caught right away.

Recently we decided to show our customers that we appreciate their business by offering an iPad Mini contest. This contest of which consisted of 3 prizes was designed to increase our relationship with the customers in not only Plantation, Florida but the surrounding areas as well. We were offering the following prizes

  • Grand Prize – iPad Mini
  • Second Place – Bluetooth Speakers
  • Third Place – Portable Mobile Charger

Unfortunately after a week of running the contest we saw it was not performing the way it should be. Upon doing some research we saw that Social Networks do not like the promotion of giveaways like iPads, Laptops, and other electronic devices due to the scams associated with them. Upon further review Wanting to be able to keep in accordance with the T.O.S. of these networks and still please our customers we decided to revise the contest prizes.

New Prizes For The Dr Phone Fix & Repair-Plantation Customer Appreciation Contest Are As Follows

  • Grand Prize – $150 Gift Certificate for Dr Phone Fix & Repair – Plantation that you can use towards any smartphone repair, tablet repair, or accessories
  • Second Place – $50 Gift Certificate for Dr Phone Fix & Repair – Plantation  that you can use towards any smartphone repair, tablet repair, or accessories
  • Third Place – Portable Mobile Charger

Being that we are in the business of repairing mobile devices, we decided this would be the better way to show our loyal customers how much we truly appreciate their business. While we enjoy having blog readers from all across the world, this contest is only for residents of South Florida, particularly; Dade And Broward Counties. Winners will have to show proof of residency to qualify for the prizes. The contest is readily available on our Facebook Page Right now, it will also be available for one to sign up on via our website within the next 24 hours. It is one contest, with signup sheets available on Drphonefix-Plantation Website and on Facebook. For those that signed up for the contest when it was still an “iPad Mini” contest, we feel it is of extreme importance that you don’t get discouraged. We will be sending you a “Early Sign Up Prize” to your email address. We figure it’s the least we can do for not having to make these changes on the fly. Kindest Regards to our readers and customers.  We give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iphone repair visit our store today