In current news regarding the Apple Watch, The Wall Street Journal reported that the tech giant will be adding a faster processor and cell phone network connectivity to it’s newest smartwatch.

The standalone modem inside the Apple Watch 2 will enable the smartwatch to function independently of the iPhone. The current generation Apple Watch heavily depends on the iPhone for most of its’ functionality, which makes it quite useless when not connected to one. An integrated modem will give the new Apple Watch a greater range in regards to features.

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Expect to see a faster processor on the Apple Watch 2 as well. the current version is quite limited power wise. WSJ states that Apple sold about 12-13 million units of the Apple Watch in the very first year of its availability, which is more than double of what the 1st generation iPhone sold for. Despite the numbers, the Apple Watch has not completely commanded the attention of its’ consumer base.  Limited features being the major reason for this, Apple fans have talked at great length about it not doing anything the iPhone can’t do. It is uncertain when Apple plans on introducing the Apple Watch 2.

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As usual, internet tech gossipers reports differ on features it will come with. Some say it will premiere at WWDC 2016 with a noticeably thinner look, while others claim the watch will look the same except for a faster processor and improvements on the inner parts of the device. Time will tell, and we will soon learn the truth. Apple never lets us down. Story Credit – Wall Street JournalWe give LifeTime Warranty for our repairs at Dr Phone Fix & Repair Plantation. If you need iPhone repair visit our store today