BLU Studio One Plus Repair


OnePlus One Screen Repair by Dr Phone Fix

Are you the proud owner of an OnePlus One smartphone? If so, you either have a fully functioning device that you use every day or you’re staring sadly at a damaged smartphone. Whether you have a minor or major problem with your OnePlus One, we can help. The most common problems that smartphone owners of any make or model of device face include shattered screens, damaged LCD screens, batteries that won’t hold a charge as well as water and heat damage. With a 5.5-inch screen and non-removable battery, the OnePlus One is vulnerable to any and all of these problems.

Let The Doctor Fix Your OnePlus One

The OnePlus brand is based in China and is the youngest company in the smartphone industry today. It was founded in December of 2014 and the OnePlus One was the first device manufactured and sold by the company. For such a new company, the smartphones produced are of high quality with all the same features of smartphones from Apple and Samsung. In fact, for customers looking for an alternative to a mainstream smartphone company, OnePlus can provide comparable devices. If you are having any problems, minor or major, with your OnePlus device, Dr Phone Fix is here to diagnose and help quickly and affordably.