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Cell Phone Screen Repair with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Cell phone repair has changed dramatically since their invention. In fact, just in the last decade, cell phones have transformed miraculously. When cell phones were first developed and sold, they had clunky elements, needed a constant battery support and featured pretty basic technology. For years to come, when something went wrong, a lot of phone owners took it upon themselves to make repairs. We all remember the days of popping off the back panel and taking out the SIM card in hopes that the problem would be solved. It was much easier to replace damaged screens and take apart cell phones when screens weren’t thin pieces of glass and the technology wasn’t complex and fragile. Today’s cell phone ownership is much, much different. Today, smartphone owners don’t have to option of at-home repairs but will inevitably face some type of issue or damage during device ownership. That’s where DrPhoneFix comes in. Founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, DrPhoneFix has been in the electronic device repair industry for decades. Our teams are specifically trained to be able to fix all brands, makes and models of cell phone. Repairing phones is our bread and butter and we have locations throughout the entire United States. On any given day, in any location, we have the tools needed for repairing and replacing a variety of elements in products like iPhones or Samsung smartphones. In addition, our teams keep a wide array of replacement parts on hand so customers never have to wait for deliveries or spend extra money finding and receiving necessary parts. Here at DrPhoneFix, we pride ourselves on providing a great service to customers that need cell repairs and don’t want to waste any of their time or money – and let’s face it, who actually wants to waste time or money? DrPhoneFix is a great alternative for owners with phones that are out of warranty or owners that don’t want to deal with returning to their phone manufacturer or cell phone provider for help. Our customers tell us that more often than not, manufacturers and providers will likely try to sell them a brand new cell phone instead of offering a repair. For these companies, it isn’t worth their time to try and have the smartphone repaired. They rarely have staff on site that can perform the repair, which means the device has to be shipped out, repaired and returning to the owner. This costs time and money on behalf of everyone involved.

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However, instead of costing money, they can make money by selling you a newer, more expensive phone. It’s important to know that most problems with a phone, can be repaired by skilled technicians. If your phone isn’t working correctly, or there is a damaged screen or other issue, we recommend having the repair done as soon as possible. While a small chip in the glass screen might not seem like a big deal, it can quickly turn into a bigger problem. For example, that chip can spread over time and with constant usage of the touchscreen resulting in a complete shatter. Broken glass can also allow things like water or dust and debris to get into the device and impact the delicate technology that exists within the smartphone. At DrPhoneFix, we even offer while-you-wait repairs. We know that our customers don’t have hours to spend waiting around for their cell repair services. In our stores, there are comfortable couches available while you wait, or you can run some errands while we take great care of your cell phone. We know that having your phone available and working is very important to you, which is why we aim to get it back into your hands as soon as possible. All of our cell phone repairs also come with warranties. Depending on the brand, make and models our offers for warranties start at LifeTime and go up to a lifetime warranty. With affordable prices, quick service and accurate repairing, there is no need to live with a damaged cell phone in need of repairing or replacing. DrPhoneFix locations also don’t require an appointment for services. We exist as an on-demand repair center. When damage happens, just bring your smartphone to us and we will fix it. As trained professionals, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our teams of technicians and the quality of their work. The complexity of cell phone repair is increasing year after year. Reduce the stress and frustration of a repair by having DrPhoneFix take care of it. We would love to be your one-stop repair shop for all your repair needs which includes tablets, laptops, computers and gaming consoles in addition to smartphones and cell phones. If you have questions, a member of our team can be contacted via phone or email. If you live, work or are visiting close to a DrPhoneFix location, feel free to stop by anytime!