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How computers work internally and how to fix them when something goes wrong is pretty foreign knowledge to most of us. We can use a computer for almost every aspect of our life, but when something goes wrong, we don’t know what to do. Owners tend to bring their computers back to the place it was purchased. Unfortunately, very few computer retailers have the staff with experience to repair the computers they sell. It’s common for these shops to send away your computer to a third-party vendor for a diagnosis and all repairs. This can leave you computer-less for weeks – who wants that? Is it even feasible nowadays to be without your computer for more than a few hours? Due to the increasing fragility of computers and extensive technology that makes them run successfully, they are always at risk of damage. The most common damage that happens to a computer is a dent or crack in the screen. Since this is the most vulnerable part of the device, it often gets damaged, perhaps even making it impossible to even use. When it comes to laptops, another common problem that customers want to get fixed is a device that either won’t charge or won’t hold a charge long enough. On the more major end of things, some customers bring computers to us that won’t turn on, or have what a lot of people call, “the blue screen of death,” which appears after the computer starts up. The one common theme across all of these minor and major problems with computers is that owners want them fixed, and fixed quickly and correctly. Our repair services range from fixing minor, aesthetic issues all the way to the most extensive problems. DrPhoneFix is a one stop repair shop for all brands, makes and models of computers. In addition to providing a quick repair service, we also have reasonable prices. We are not in the business of selling you a new computer, we just want to fix the one you currently have and get it back in working condition. The days of at-home computer repairs are over. Today’s devices can no longer be taken apart, messed around with and put all back together right in the comfort of your own home – without causing other issues. It is so easy to try fixing one problem and end up causing another one, or more. It is also increasingly difficult to find and order replacement parts if you aren’t a repair center. All of these elements together will bring you to a repair center with a damaged computer. Not all repair centers are the same though. Some specialize in only certain brands of laptops and computers, while others essentially send you device away just like the stores. We know that accidents happen and things break unexpectedly. That’s why our customers don’t have to make an appointment for a repair. How do you plan to need a computer repair? When something goes wrong, you can just bring your computer right to the closest DrPhoneFix location for repairing. If you have questions on concerns prior to visiting, our teams can be reached by phone or email. Repairing computers is something we do every day so you can trust that you are getting the best service available. The DrPhoneFix company was founded based on helping people get their electronic devices fixed quickly and affordably, including computers. Our teams, throughout the nation, have been trained to diagnose and repair computers, in as little as 45 minutes. We know that your time is valuable, and we don’t waste it. Founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida our company has been growing for years. There are now DrPhoneFix locations throughout the United States in small and big cities alike. Customer service keeps us in business and successful. Stop by on your way to work, on your lunch break or during your free time to have your computer repaired. We work hard to make sure all our customers leave happy. Our repairs even come with a guarantee to ensure your computer stays working correctly after you walk out of our location. In addition to computers and laptops, DrPhoneFix can also help repair smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles of any brand, make or model. If it’s an electronic device, we can help you with it. Our stores also have retail centers for customers that are interested in the newest and most innovative accessories for their devices.

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So what are you waiting for? Bring your device to DrPhoneFix today. Dr Phone Fix & Repair is number your one choice for laptop repairs. We have specialized in laptop and other electronic device repairs since 2010, and have built a brand that is proud to offer top quality product at a price that won’t break the bank. We have proven time and again to be a consumer choice for trusted repairs for their laptops. We have trained to have all laptop repairs down pat, which allows us to now provide them at a speed that doesn’t leave you disconnected for any longer than need be. We pride ourselves on being some of the fastest in the business without sacrificing the quality of the repairs! We know how important wireless devices have become to daily life and aim to have yours up and running as quickly as possible. We take extra steps to ensure that is possible, including checking the quality and functionality of the parts being used on your device before, during, and again after the repair process. We are so confident in all our work, that we are pleased to offer a LifeTime warranty on all our replacement parts. The warranty is designed to cover any type of malfunction or defect that may appear in the parts used in your electronics hardware, including but not limited to the screen displaying lines, or a loss of functionality. There is no one better than our technician to handle the repair of your broken laptop software or hardware related. We can handle data recovery, spyware installation, virus and malware removal. We have handled more than 400,000 devices repairs of all kinds nationwide like Windows and Apple brands, including cell phones, desktop and laptop computers, and tablets. We continue to grow daily and are proud to have our DPF certified technicians offering these high quality repairs at the prices you deserve. Come to our store at any of our locations and trust us to get your electronics fixed. Our shops are convenient for you to get your Asus laptop repaired, you’d be leaving your laptop in the best hands for electronic device repair. We have been around for a little over 6 years and we’ve worked on more than 500,000 devices it is safe to say that we are well versed in the industry, a good portion of those devices were Asus laptops. Top of the line repairs, top of the line customer service. Dr Phone Fix & Repair wants to let you know that quality is first, you’re never to leave our stores dissatisfied your Asus laptop is repaired with the best in the business. We test all parts used prior to use and once again after use to ensure you are getting what you deserve. Asus laptops can be repaired in under an hour not including testing the functions of the computer, we know how important these devices have become to our lives and understand that time away from them means time away from business and loved ones. No need to wait a few hours or even more than a day we will do a speedy repair without the risk of cutting corners on quality. All of our repairs are accompanied and backed by a LifeTime warranty, which covers all parts used and repairs made to your Asus Laptop. For those LifeTime we cover you, but we want you to know even thereafter we are always willing to help and it is our pleasure to give you a satisfactory experience. We invite you to come see us and enjoy our atmosphere with the Dr Phone Fix & Repair team. Dr Phone Fix & Repair is now one of the leading companies in electronic repair with exponential growth we know we are headed in the right track. We bring to you the very best repairs and can do Dell computers and many other devices with ease and special care. We can do computers, laptops, phones, tablets, etc. With a huge repertoire and many years of experience you will be more than satisfied. Quality is our top priority and we account for human error before and after it occurs, so we inspect all parts ordered before and during use. Our constantly goes through training and education to keep up to date with all the new devices and models for all Dell computers, along with other devices you may need repair. You can rest knowing your Dell computer are in the most capable hands for repair. Dr Phone Fix & Repair takes the extra step in assuring every point of repair has been met with a full function screening before and after, this allows you and our team to be on the same page of what the computer needs and how it should be after repair. We never disappoint at customer service or at the point of renewing your Dell computer, #1 trusted for electronic device repair. Dr Phone Fix & Repair offers a 90-day warranty with each repair that covers parts and repair so that you are assured that we back you every step of the way, even thereafter we back you for any repair needs. We define proper workmanship with integrity, dedication, and the right training. We can handle your Samsung laptop repair or any other device of your choosing. Dr Phone Fix & Repair has become a big name in the electronic repair industry through hard work and excellent customer service. We are #1 in quality because it has become second nature to prioritize the work we do in each repair. We order the very best Grade A+ parts for your Samsung laptop repair needs whether it be a screen, a keyboard, etc. Dr Phone Fix & Repair doesn’t cut any corners we inspect our parts as we receive them and before use, we also keep them stocked individually so there is no way to be damaged.