Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Are you having a problem with your computer or laptop? Computer support is closer that you think! At a local DrPhoneFix, repair professionals offer a variety of computer repair services. Our technicians have experience diagnosing problems and offering quick, affordable solutions. At the first sign of trouble, bring your computer to DrPhoneFix for help.

Data Recovery

One major solution for computers provided by DrPhoneFix is data recovery. This service is usually needed when files or programs are accidentally or maliciously deleted off of a computer. Our team has the skill set to work successfully on a variety of computers to get this data back. Whether it’s personal information or small business data, DrPhoneFix can be of assistance.

Hardware Repair

One day your computer worked, and the next day it just doesn’t. This could be a problem with the computer’s hardware. The hardware of a computer includes the monitor, towers, mouse, and keyboard. Any one of these elements can cause a computer to work incorrectly. DrPhoneFix can help inspect each piece of hardware to find the problem, and they work to repair it.

Remote Support

Laptop repairs can be easy because you can simply bring your laptop to a local DrPhoneFix. Desktop computer though aren’t as easy to just pick up and bring in. For this reason, DrPhoneFix offers remote support. Our team can remote right into your desktop computer so you can stay at home while having your problems repaired.

Diagnostic Service

Sometimes there is a problem with your computer but you have no idea what is actually is. In these cases, DrPhoneFix has a diagnostic service that can help. One of our technicians can spend some time testing and diagnosing the computer to find the problem and its source. From there, an appropriate solution can be offered to you and completed effectively.

Contact DrPhoneFix Today

It doesn’t matter whether you are facing a minor, inconvenient problem, or a computer that won’t even turn on, DrPhoneFix can help. Our team highly recommends addressing computer problems as soon as they occur for easier, more affordable computer solutions. You can reach a member of our team by phone or email. We also welcome you to stop by your local DrPhoneFix for a diagnostic service or to discuss remote support for your computer. Don’t stress about a computer problem, just let the professionals at DrPhoneFix take care of it for you!