Google Nexus 6P Screen Repair with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Dr Phone Fix & Repair can repair all your devices and your Nexus 6p. You can trust in our brand and our mastery in the electronic repair industry. They know what hard work we put in to our craft with more than 500,000 devices repaired in a little over 6 years operating since 2010. Dr Phone Fix & Repair brings Nexus 6p repairs along with every mobile electronic device you would love to bring to us. We have a team of technicians who are standing by in our stores waiting to take care of your device with special care and deliver excellent customer service. We prioritize quality and service for the public as we know these are the things that leaves a customer satisfied and with your help we can continue to grow.

Google Nexus 6P Repair Near Me

All of our parts used on your Nexus 6p are tested for quality and functionality before use and during use, this ensures quality of repair. Our technicians go through extensive training which includes hands on experience and knowledge tests we don’t want anyone handling your phone that isn’t more than capable, they go into the field knowing everything there is to know. We are proud of our feats our commitment to service and execution of repairs but with all this in mind we still like to offer a LifeTime warranty. The LifeTime warranty is put in place not because we are unsure about our skills and quality but because we want to ensure you that you are always backed by the Dr Phone Fix & Repair name. The warranty covers Nexus 6p repairs and the parts like microphones, screens, speakers, etc. but we also cover any of the other device you may choose to bring to us. Dr Phone Fix & Repair is the number one trusted electronic device repair. Premium quality and premium parts.