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Google Nexus Tablet Screen Repair

When Google releases a product, they often work with partners to create innovative and high quality products. This year they have released two new tablets the Nexus 9 and the Nexus 6 phablet, which are 9” and 6” respectively. These two came from partnerships with HTC and Motorola, also respectively. While Google has sold Motorola due to poor performance and heavy losses, this might be the last hurrah for the two companies short lived relationship.

About Google Tablet Repair

Both devices are strong performers and are the first devices to be specifically designed to run Google’s new Lollipop android OS. The Nexus 6 appears to be the big winner with specs that compete with and outperform the iPhone and Galaxy S5 in several categories. The Nexus six has the most RAM of any phone released during this cycle and sports an insane screen with a pixel density of 493 pixels per inch with a 1440 x 2560 resolution, which competes with LG for the highest resolution screen. On top of that, the Nexus 6 features one of the first cameras on a device to record 4k resolution video. Google took a bet by buying Motorola and it just might pay off with stunning Nexus 6. While both of Google’s new devices are splash proof, neither are indestructible. Repairing these devices is a tedious task, filled with memorizing the placements of tiny screws that differ in lengths by tenths of a millimeter, and specialized tools to ensure no damage is done to the phone throughout the process. For this reason, and the fact that opening most devices will immediately void the warranty, most people choose to trust a trained professional for the job. Dr Phone Fix can repair all Google Tablets, Phones and other devices and constantly updates their technicians on the best practices for each repair. Whether the screen is cracks, or the battery is dead, or every part of the device has stopped working, we can find a solution to the problem within minutes of opening the device. From simple part replacements, screen replacements to complex phone diagnostics, Dr Phone Fix can take care of the repair.

Fast and Affordable Google Tablet Repair Services

By accepting mail in deliveries and expanding from our home in Southern Florida, we hope to keep hundreds of thousands more devices out of landfills by giving them a tune up when they need it. We always use high quality tools to ensure the repair goes off without a hitch, which includes maintaining a static free environment, using suction cups and low levels of heat to remove screens without a scratch, and replacing those adhesives and screws to make the phone like new