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Cell Phone Repair / Smartphone Repair

Smartphone and Cell Phone work best when they are in the best condition. Bring your smartphone to Dr Phone Fix & Repair today for cosmetic and operative repairs that can improve its overall function. You may find that most repair shops only specialize or carry parts for the more popular phones such as iPhone or Samsung. We have also opportunities as Cell Phone Repair Training in Dr Phone Fix & Repair Headquarters. At Dr Phone Fix & Repair all of our technicians are rigorously trained to service any make or model.

Each shop carries a wide variety of parts for any repair that walks in. In the rare occasion that we don’t have the part in stock to repair your phone, our technicians will go to all possible means to source it locally through our large network of top quality providers, as to ensure the fastest turn around possible. Our team can have your smartphone looking and working like new in no time! Nexus, Alcatel, Sony, Lg, Blackberry, HTC, Galaxy, Motorola, Nokia Mobile Phone. We repair Any Electronics damage from screens with very affordable prices. Cell Phone LCD replacement or battery replacement takes minutes. Customer Satisfaction is the very first goal for every single Dr Phone Fix & Repair Stores. You can check our reviews and if you give us a fair review we have specials on accessories too.

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iPad Repair

We Fix All iPad Models Same Day

Nowadays aside from your smartphone, your iPad is your most faithful companion. Whether its used for work, school, or leisure; It seems as if your fragile Apple iPad is always in some sort of danger. After all, it was that one fall that caused your perfectly glossy screen to now bear the misfortune of a crack. Dr Phone Fix & Repair also repairs iPad LCD crack, broken retina model LCD or broken battery replacement on any iPad or iPad Mini.

Smartphone Repair

Same Day Phone Screen Repair

Quickly and inexpensively, our team can perform repairs including but not limited to glass screen replacements, water damage and charging port problems – all while you wait! We are ready to help you and your tablet, what are you waiting for? Dr Phone Fix & Repair repair service covers almost every single Tablet Brand such as ASUS tablet repair, SAMSUNG Galaxy tablet repair, android tabs and nexus batteries get fixed.

Computer Repair

We Fix Laptops, Computers and Macs

Don’t live one more day with a damaged computer. We promise to be the company that you can trust for all of your computer needs. We provide hardware, software, data recovery and even mother board-level repairs at all locations. We are in your neighborhood if you search for computer repair near my location we are right with you! Every single our location carries 90 Days Warranty on Apple, Asus, Acer, Hp, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and any other Computer and Laptop Repairs.