HTC One X9 Screen Repair by Dr Phone Fix

So you just bought a brand new HTC One X9 – and it’s already damaged. To be honest, this is not uncommon. Drops, falls and scrapes leave smartphones owners with damaged devices, broken screens, damaged lcd wondering what to do next. Due to the complexity of this device, its best to leave repairs up to the professionals – like our team at DrPhoneFix. With a 5.5-inch screen and non-removable battery, this device can’t simply be taken apart and easily put back together. Fortunately, we have the right tools and all the knowledge we need to fix whatever issue you are having.

DrPhoneFix also diagnoses and repairs electronic devices including tablets, laptops, computers and gaming consoles

We have a long history repairing these sorts of devices and putting the customer first. For example, we realize how important time and money are to our clients. Therefore, we perform our repairs in a timely fashion as well as inexpensively as possible. We know that you have already spent a lot of money on your device, why should you spend a lot more getting it fixed? IF you are having any electronic device problems please don’t hesitate to send us email or call us, or stop into a DrPhoneFix location.