Dr Phone Fix & Repair is proud to bring to you the very best HTC repair and a trusted brand for customer service. Over the last 6+ years we have been delivering perfection in the mobile device repair industry through integrity and honor. Our team of technicians Phones, Laptops, Tablets. Our team is ready and standing by for all your repair needs trust in us. Over the years Dr Phone Fix & Repair has repaired hundreds of thousands of devices and a good portion being HTC repairs. We accept the challenge of pristine quality in every repair we do, We train our team adequately and make sure we inspect each part used on every device. We order the best parts for our stock and keep everything in perfect condition ready to be used in repairs made. We are more than qualified to repair your HTC.

HTC Repair Near Me

We don’t cut any corners to hinder quality it’s a big no in our eyes your HTC remains in good hands, we test functionality before and after on both your device and parts used. We use grade A+ premium parts for each repair. Your HTC repair is backed with a LifeTime warranty and a more than capable skill set, it also includes the parts used on your device which are carefully handled. We do this not because it is absolutely necessary but to show you the consumer and our family that we have your back incase of any human errors. DrPhonefix is #1 because we work hard for you and we are trusted because our experience and prowess in the industry is obvious and our team works hard to keep customers satisfied and devices in perfect working condition. Great Value, Great repairs, Great service.